Mike Rogers Still Pushing His 'Snowden Is A Russian Spy' Delusion, Citing Every Single 'Counterintelligence Official' In Support

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Mike Rogers is still intent on proving Ed Snowden is a Russian spy. Apparently, Rogers' plan is to make the same assertions over and over again without providing any evidence beyond hearsay and conjecture (always from unnamed, unspecified intelligence community members).

His latest foray into his own particular conspiracy theory occurred during an interview with Michael Crowley at TIME. Crowley asks him to explain the assertions he's made about Ed Snowden, particularly the statement that he's under the influence of Russian intelligence (FSB). Crowley points out Rogers has offered no evidence to back up these claims. Rogers responds… by again offering no evidence.

The NSA contractor is definitely under the influence of Russian officials. We know that he was in China, Hong Kong anyway, and in Russia today. We have seen patterns and activities that lead us to believe that some or all of that information is being worked through by those intelligence services and putting the U.S. at risk.
There's your "evidence." Snowden was in Hong Kong and now, Russia. Case closed. As for the "patterns and activities," Rogers offers nothing definite, other than foreign intelligence services are "working through" the documents, which could really mean nothing more than they're reading the papers.

If the NSA still doesn't know what's been taken, it's rather hard for any "counterintelligence official" to claim moves are being made because of yet undisclosed documents. If Rogers' assertion is true (and there's no reason to believe it is), it means the intelligence community is engaging in the same sort of conspiratorial speculation that he is. Needless to say, this would be perhaps the least productive use of the agency's resources.

You'll notice (as Crowley did) that Rogers won't even say Snowden's name at this point (referring to him only as a "NSA contractor"). Here's his excuse:
I think people have wrongly given him some elevated status, and he has some kind of an underground rock-star status. He’s a traitor who puts our soldiers lives at risk.
If anyone's turning Snowden into a larger-than-life figure, it's those, like Rogers, who are attempting to portray him as backstabbing traitor who ran to the welcoming arms of foreign intelligence agencies.

Rogers goes from bad to worse to incomprehensible within the space of a few questions. He says Snowden's living arrangements are far too cozy with Russian intelligence. At first, Snowden's only "about a mile away" from FSB's headquarters, then he's "been in custody" and finally, he's living in an FSB "joint facility." Crowley questions this and Rogers backpedals.
No, no, not a joint facility. He’s housed very near an FSB facility. Makes it convenient for everybody.

Then there's this: Rogers' ultimate proof that he's not a crazy person with a headful of conspiracy theories.
And remember we have other classified ways as well. That’s why no counterintelligence official does not believe that today he’s under the influence.
Really? Then why have no other counterintelligence officials stepped up to make this claim? Do they really think this potential bombshell is best deployed by a rah-go-team-surveillance blowhard like Mike Rogers, a legislator who has done his very best to play the part of subservient flack catcher for the surveillance state? Wouldn't the single, most damning bit of evidence that Snowden is everything his detractors claim he is (traitor, spy) have already been exposed? Presumably these unnamed counterintelligence officials are no fan of Snowden's actions. If so, why are they sitting on this and letting someone like Rogers proactively destroy any potential credibility?

There's only one answer: it's completely untrue. Rogers may be able to find a number of yes-men who nod sagely while he spews baseless claims, but there's no way that number includes counterintelligence officials. Even if some of them suspect Snowden might be working in conjunction with Russia's FSB, they've wisely decided not to make that public before they've gathered enough evidence to support the claim. Rogers, on the other hand, has decided his gut instinct, informed by his irrational hatred of this "NSA contractor," is all the evidence that's really needed.

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  1. identicon
    JBDragon, 7 Apr 2014 @ 3:55pm

    Last time I check, Unlike James Bond where everyone seems to know he's 007, Spies don't want to be known and in the public eye let alone announcing themselves to the world!!!

    If he was really a Russian spy, he's a complete IDIOT! What Classified Info did he released that hurt this country and helped Russia??? The NSA has no right to just go snooping on every american because it things so. They are not GOD! We have a Constitution and all Americans are protected by it! You need a Signed Warrant for each person and exactly what you're looking for. You can't just blanket screen anyone you feel like!!! We expect our government to be doing their spying which is why it is on other countries and their people. They are after all NOT protected under our Constitution, and those countries do the same thing to us.

    There's right and wrong. Our Federal Government grows and grows and gets more and more Curupt. It should have never gotten like this. Now we have this crap Obamacare. See the Federal Government now seems to how the power to so ANYTHING it wants. Not just the 18 things it's suppose to do. Everything else is suppose to be reserved to the States.

    That means if 1 State wants some type of Obamacare crap, that's perfectly fine, people are at least able to flee from it. If the State goes bankrupt, it's on them and them only. If another state wants Legal Weed, that's fine also. How the Federal Government stuck it's nose into this in the first place?!?! Same with marriage. It shouldn't have been a government thing in the first place. Just another way to get money and screw around with the taxes. If can all be done Legally without some Federal Marriage law. A State can do what they want, allow or not allow, it wouldn't matter anyway because it would be meaningless as anything having to do with anything can all be handled by signing some documents with your lawyers. Go to a church that allows gay marriage if your gay. All is fine. Government is not involved!!!

    That is how it's suppose to be. Instead we have this ever out of control government. The more it grows, the more poor the middle class and poor become!!! The War on poverty for the last 50 years has done NOTHING!!! Spreading the Wealth is just growing a ever larger Welfare base. The Government is just doing everything it can to KILL JOBS! Worst of all, it's all for Amnesty. A flood of poor uneducated people coming in, taking up Services from Legal Americans and keeping pay LOW. You know Supply and Demand. large Supply of Workers for a job means LOW PAY! Small supply of workers means pay goes UP! You think these low pay $8 jobs maybe less would only be that if there were only a few people wanting those job? Lots of people, they can be easily replaced by yet another person.

    Snowden is a true American. He knew what our Government was doing was completely Unconstitutional and of course this Corrupt Government doesn't like things like this getting out and want to punish him. Doesn't matter if the Government was completely in the wrong. All this stuff didn't start happening until 2009, AFTER BUSH was gone! Before is was just Spying on other Countries. It's OBAMA that expanded the program and then he got caught, and now they are trying to cover it up and pass the blame like so many other things.

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