Senator Leahy: If President Obama Is Serious About Ending Bulk Collection, He Can Just End It This Friday

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As expected, President Obama outlined basic plans for ending bulk collection of phone records. While the actual details of the plan still haven't been revealed, apparently, the administration has some "enabling legislation" ready to go, which it hopes Congress will pass "quickly." In response to this, Senator Patrick Leahy pointed out that while he's very supportive of the move to end bulk collection of phone records, there's a much easier way to accomplish that. The authority to do so technically runs out on Friday of this week, so if the President wants to end the program, he can just not seek to renew the authority:
I look forward to having meaningful consultation with the administration on these matters and reviewing its proposal to evaluate whether it sufficiently protects Americans’ privacy. In the meantime, the President could end bulk collection once and for all on Friday by not seeking reauthorization of this program. Rather than postponing action any longer, I hope he chooses this path.
Anyone setting odds on the likelihood of this actually happening?

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    kenichi tanaka (profile), 25 Mar 2014 @ 12:01pm

    If this gets approved by Congress and Obama signs it into law, it only says one thing: that President Obama and the Democratic Party have come to the realization that the NSA and their bulk data collection of every American has indeed become detrimental to the re-election chances of Democrats for the U.S. Congress.

    At any rate, it doesn't matter what Obama does. While the November elections are not set in stone as to who will win, Democrats are not going to prevail in November because of everything that has happened since Snowden revealed the hypocracy of the Obama Administration.

    The NSA spying has caused irreparable harm to Democrats. But, if this had happened under under the Republican's watch, then it would be the Republicans paying the price.

    It's just ironic that Democrats, who have long fought for constitutional rights and lessening government intrusion into our lives IS the very same party who has been raping our constitutional rights when it comes to privacy.

    I suppose the motto of the Obama Administration is "do as we say and NOT as we do".

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