Senator Leahy: If President Obama Is Serious About Ending Bulk Collection, He Can Just End It This Friday

from the easy-peasy dept

As expected, President Obama outlined basic plans for ending bulk collection of phone records. While the actual details of the plan still haven't been revealed, apparently, the administration has some "enabling legislation" ready to go, which it hopes Congress will pass "quickly." In response to this, Senator Patrick Leahy pointed out that while he's very supportive of the move to end bulk collection of phone records, there's a much easier way to accomplish that. The authority to do so technically runs out on Friday of this week, so if the President wants to end the program, he can just not seek to renew the authority:
I look forward to having meaningful consultation with the administration on these matters and reviewing its proposal to evaluate whether it sufficiently protects Americans’ privacy. In the meantime, the President could end bulk collection once and for all on Friday by not seeking reauthorization of this program. Rather than postponing action any longer, I hope he chooses this path.
Anyone setting odds on the likelihood of this actually happening?

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 26 Mar 2014 @ 8:49am

    Re: Re: Re: To be fair

    Parasitic or not (and I generally agree that most surveillance outside of direct military targets, like say Sigint on Russian troop movements are pretty useless) they're still jobs, and thus employed consumers.

    Sadly America's economy right now hinges completely on consumption and parasitism as opposed to actual useful labor. The goal of the US government in helping the economy right now is to make as many people as capable of consuming as many resources as possible.

    Sadly by US gov logic BS parasitic jobs are not just necessary, but ideal. Consumption without production, without services provided, and with years of training tied up in it? job source gold!

    And that is why the US government, and other governments with similar ideologies, are starting surveillance states. Orwell was wrong. We don't spy on our people to control them. We wound up doing it just so we had idle makework that was more advanced than digging ditches and refilling them

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