Thanks Anti-Vax Loons: The Return Of The Measles And The Backlash Against Jenny McCarthy

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For all you people out there still going on about how horrible vaccines are for children, still ultimately relying on a thoroughly debunked fraud of a research paper put forth by a quack paid for his quackery by a law firm planning on suing vaccine-makers, thanks a lot. Measles is back. And it's your fault. What was once limited to some worrying reports in rural areas, often times due to either conspiracy theorists or those practicing an unfortunate brand of theology, measles is now back in populated areas like New York City. Oh, and whooping cough. And mumps.

Measles is spreading in upper Manhattan and the Bronx, according to public health authorities in New York. About 16 cases have turned up, including two that involved contagion in doctors' offices. Outbreaks have also been reported in the Boston area, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Much of the current outbreak is traceable to the Philippines, where the disease is raging and easily spread to unvaccinated travelers. They come home to the U.S., where the virus is finding a surprising welcome. Health experts add these to the tally of the anti-vaccination movement, which is based almost entirely on a long since debunked and withdrawn paper published in Britain in 1998.
Measles, should you not be aware, was at such low levels as to be officially considered obliterated. It was essentially gone, removed from our daily list of dangers thanks to the power of vaccines. Thanks to the unvaccinated in America, however, when foreign pathogens are brought here, they are allowed to find hosts in which they can mutate such that the vaccinations everyone was supposed to have are no longer as effective, or effective at all. Driving the point home, children too young to be vaccinated often find themselves the victims of the spread of these mutated diseases, resulting in sick children... and dead infants.

And, lest anyone attempt to argue that the vaccinations themselves are more harmful than the diseases they control, or for those that argue that our natural immune system is better suited to fighting off these pathogens:
During a similar outbreak last year, the national Centers for Disease Control concluded that 82% of the cases occurred in unvaccinated persons, and of those, 79% said they deliberately shunned vaccination on "philosophical" grounds.
And, from there, the disease mutates and spreads, mutates and spreads, rinse and repeat until we reach the point where we now have outbreaks in major cities. Fortunately, many folks are looking at this as a teaching moment for the portion of the American public that is endangering the rest of us. Chiefly in the cross-hairs has been Jenny McCarthy, who has been the spokesman for the stupid when it comes to the anti-vaccination crowd for a long, long time. Recently, she asked her Twitter followers "What is the most important personality trait you look for in a mate?" The responses were less than kind.
They vaccinate their kids RT @JennyMcCarthy: What is the most important personality trait you look for in a mate? Reply using #JennyAsks

-- Jen (@oneninjen) March 14, 2014

Someone who vaccinates, b/c I'd want our kids to survive. @JennyMcCarthy: Most important trait you look for in mate? Reply w/ #JennyAsks

-- Seth Mnookin (@sethmnookin) March 15, 2014

While I do love getting diseases that were eradicated in the last century, I would say vaccinated is a trait I look for #JennyAsks

-- Jennifer Lott (@JennLott) March 14, 2014
Now, it's worth noting that McCarthy has been relatively quiet on the anti-vax topic the past couple of years, as these long-dead diseases have reemerged. Were I her, I wouldn't want to be spouting off as children get sick either. Maybe she's learned how wrong she was. If she has, she may want to inform her co-celebrities Katie Couric and Kristen Cavallari and Jay Cutler, because they apparently haven't gotten the memo yet.

Look, to be clear, if you don't want to vaccinate your children, you have that free right, but only because I haven't attained enough power in this country yet to have you summarily arrested and to take your children away from you so that they can live with someone with whom they'll be more safe, like, say, a family of rabid wolverines. Vaccinate your damned children. It isn't about you or your kids, it's about all of us.

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  1. identicon
    The Old Man in The Sea, 21 Mar 2014 @ 7:06am

    Re: Re: What is true and what is untrue

    Evolution as far as I am concerned is a load of crock. This is a considered belief based on the extensive research of geneticists such as Richard Dawkins from the mid-70's to the late 80's. It was studying their results that lead to the conclusion that the Darwinian evolutionary model and its ilk were fantasies. The specific results published in the various scientific journals of the time put a serious dent in my view and belief of evolution.

    The interpretation that the researchers may have come up with was in many cases at odds with the results that they presented. From my point of view, when the theory doesn't match the results obtained, one needs to look at a modified or even different theory that can explain the results better.

    There have been a number of areas in which I have found the prevailing ideas are at odds with the experimental results. So, I have looked at alternatives, as befitting the science and engineering training that I underwent.

    Some of those alternatives appear to be the result of some drug induced brainstorm, while others are simpler and more coherent (even if less developed in detail) than the prevailing models.

    To get back to the topic in hand - vaccinations - there is evidence to say some are mostly effective, some are ineffective, some have minor side effects and some have major side-effects up to and including death for some recipients of the vaccination.

    As I have said earlier, me and my own are vaccinated for a number of diseases. So if someone isn't vaccinated, that's their choice. I have taken my considered precautions. But there are some vaccinations I will not take and this is based on the ineffectual results obtained or the known hazards in taking them.

    If you think that vaccinations are a must for all people, that is your view, but don't try to force that view on everyone. I for one will stand against you. There are many things done in the name of "public health" and it has become as much a tool as "for the children".

    My observation is that the "public health" issues are about money, control and power more than actually looking at truly improving the well-being of people.

    Your country has a major public health issue and its your health system. From someone who lives outside of your system, your country has to be lumped in with much of South East Asia, don't get sick there - you'll probably die there. That's a cynical viewpoint I know. It's one of the major reason why it is always recommended to get travel health insurance before you leave the country.

    I consider those who rail against those who don't take vaccinations as no less extreme than those who say all vaccination are evil and a plan of the devil.

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