White House Was Aware Of CIA's Attempt To File Criminal Complaint Against Senate Staffers; Did Nothing To Stop It

from the disgraceful dept

As the scandal over the CIA spying on Senate staffers charged with oversight of the CIA deepens, it's now come out that the White House was fully aware that the CIA was pushing forward with a criminal complaint against those very same staffers and did nothing to stop it. It's been reported that the White House is standing strongly behind the CIA on this one, and that report confirms some of the serious Constitutional/separation of powers questions that have been raised over this incident.

Having the White House be supportive of the CIA not only spying on its overseers, but then (even more ridiculously) filing a criminal complaint against those same staffers for doing their job speaks volumes about how this White House views Congressional oversight of its giant spying machine. It views it with contempt. It only reinforces how the claims that have been stated repeatedly over the past few months that there is plenty of oversight of the intelligence community are completely hogwash.

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    Not So Crazy After All, 13 Mar 2014 @ 2:19am

    Re: Re:

    There was a time when I would have dismissed #3 on your list as tinfoil-hattery, but based on everything we've seen since he took office, a shadow coup doesn't seem so far fetched. That's saying a lot seeing as I'm not the type to believe in most conspiracy theories.

    If we work off the assumption it's true, then that raises a whole lot of other questions. Like when did it start? I'm willing to bet it goes farther back than you'd expect, all the way back to the Kennedy assassination. Especially when you read some of what he said about this exact type of thing. He knew something was awry, tried to warn us, and was murdered for it. I wonder if President Clinton was just another example of what happens if you get into office and refuse to play ball?

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