Journalism! MSNBC Cuts Off Congresswoman Talking About NSA To Get To 'Breaking News' About Justin Bieber

from the priorities dept

If you haven't yet, you should watch this 25-second clip of MSNBC "reporter" Andrea Mitchell cutting off Congresswoman Jane Harman just as she was explaining why the government needs to end the Section 215 bulk phone records collection program that spies on all Americans... in order to rush to cover the "breaking news" of Justin Bieber's court appearance live.
Yes, apparently, making sure they cover Bieber's bond hearing live is more important than discussing the US government surveilling every American illegally. Of course, an argument can be made that this is what the American public wants, though that's partly because the cable news programs have learned since the OJ era that nothing gets viewers like covering a high profile court case to an extreme level.

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    art guerrilla (profile), 24 Jan 2014 @ 10:56am


    uh huh, *exactly* the purpose the infotainment machine is to be used for...

    in *some* ways, it is *not* that faux news, msnbc, etc are big fat liars (though they can resort to that), and its not only that their reportage is bullshit he said/she said idiocy (although that is a problem), it is what they DON'T cover that is the biggest problem...

    if you are a 'normal' citizen and semi-rely on tee vee news to get an idea of what is what, you will be SEVERELY crippled in that goal by the near total lack of substantive and salient news that affects your life...

    celebrity bullshit ? ? ? tons...
    disaster stories ? ? ? no prob...
    cat-stuck-in-a-tree ? ? ? we'll have a news chopper there...
    sports, gossip, and moronic, 'funny' chatter among the newsdroids ? ? ? all there...

    but serious, ongoing, dogged, actual REPORTING that has meaning to us ? ? ? not in the lamestream media, bunky...

    welcome to korporate-kontrolled media, citizen...

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