TSA Agent Hassles Actress For Carrying 'Knuckle Duster' Purse, Accuses Her Of Buying A Knockoff

from the awfully-insecure-for-someone-in-the-security-business dept

TSA agents hate to be made to look like fools. Many agents and officers in the security/law enforcement fields view any sort of insubordination as a threat. The only proper response to these "threats" is to escalate the situation. Swift obedience and complete deference are the only responses these sort of people "respect." Anything else is just "asking for trouble."

Australian actress Rebel Wilson found this out firsthand during a run-in with Los Angeles TSA agents. (h/t to Techdirt reader rorybaust)

Australian actress Rebel Wilson has narrowly escaped arrest in Los Angeles after becoming involved in a verbal altercation with airport security staff.

The Bridesmaids star claims she was almost put behind bars on Saturday after a security official accused her of carrying a fake Alexander McQueen bag.
At what point does a TSA agent switch from airport security to counterfeit patrol? Well, it occurs at the point his or her judgment is questioned. The only way to save face is to have the last word, no matter how ridiculous that "last word" is.

Wilson was stopped by LAX TSA agents because they didn't like the looks of her purse. She was carrying one of these, described in her tweet as an "Alexander McQueen knuckle duster purse."

As you can see, it sort of looks like a weapon. Sure, it doesn't look like a weapon to a normal person. A normal person would realize this gaudy approximation of brass knuckles (that doubles as a purse clasp) is more likely to be a danger to the person carrying the purse than to anyone else around them. However, to a TSA agent, anything that resembles a weapon is a weapon, even if it's an ostentatious parody of brass knuckles (or a three-inch gun carried by a monkey puppet).

When the TSA agent failed to impress upon the actress the danger she presented by carrying an obviously fake non-weapon, he/she was forced to deploy The Last Word -- in this case, a cheap shot at the person who wouldn't give him/her the deference and respect that's somehow deserved, but never earned. The agent insinuated that Wilson couldn't afford the genuine item -- a small, shitty thing to do. But that's the sort of thing we've come to expect from people in positions of power when they are challenged.

When Wilson pointed out she could easily afford the genuine item, she was further berated for arguing with TSA agents. Once again, authority must not be questioned, no matter how stupid and easily-offended it is.

Wilson was finally allowed to board with her purse intact. The TSA agents are presumably busying themselves at LAX security checkpoints, engaging in tiny hostilities with passengers who fail to recognize their proper role in the Security Theater.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 31 Dec 2013 @ 9:29am

    TSA Commandment

    Thou shalt not resist obedience training.

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