Malibu Media Sanctioned Again For Bogus Copyright Abuse & Intimidation

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Back in September, we wrote about porn trolling company Malibu Media getting sanctioned for its ridiculous use of "Exhibit C" in its legal filings against people it accused of unauthorized downloads of porn content that it held the copyright on. Exhibit C was a completely useless exhibit that had nothing to do with the actual case at hand, but listed out other content that Malibu insisted the same person was downloading. None of the titles listed in Exhibit C were content where Malibu Media held the copyright. Instead, it was almost always titles of porn videos that would be considered very embarrassing for some people. The obvious intention: scare people into settling early to avoid having their names attached to a federal lawsuit where the records showed a long list of explicitly named movies that someone had downloaded. The court in the Western District of Wisconsin sanctioned Malibu's lawyers $200 per case, for a total of $2,200.

Now, in a similar finding over in the Eastern District of Wisonsin, Judge Rudolph Randa has basically found the same thing and piled another $600 in sanctions for three cases in that district onto Malibu Media. Another $600 is pocket change of course, but there are a ton more of these cases out there, and if more and more courts start recognizing the game that Malibu is playing... we could be in for another Prenda-like domino effect. The court makes it clear that it recognizes that Malibu Media is abusing the judicial process to try to convince people to pay up. Hopefully more courts will begin to recognize this as well.

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    The Wanderer (profile), 14 Dec 2013 @ 9:34am

    Re: Re:

    I'm not even entirely sure what he's talking about. My best guess is that he's trying for a "Chicken Little" reference, but if so, he's doing it wrong.

    To reference an established phrase while changing the words, especially if it's a short phrase, it works much better if you can keep the scansion the same. In this case, "Little" has two syllables, but "Mike" only has one, so the modified version doesn't scan the same way as the original.

    It would work much better to use "Masnick" instead; that has two syllables, so it would keep the rhythm of "Chicken Little", and be much more likely to have people recognize what is meant.

    Still very much worthy of reporting either way, of course.

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