Rep. Peter King's Office Suggests NPR Producer Lied About Being Detained At Border By DHS

from the gotcha-moment dept

We've written a few times now about how a producer for On the Media, Sarah Abdurrahman and many of her friends and family (all of whom are American citizens), were detained by US customs and border patrol (CBP) officials at the US Canadian border for many hours with no explanation. Their treatment was horrific, and worse, no one at DHS seems to have any interest in explaining what happened or why. On the Media then created a cool crowdsourcing tool asking people to call their Congressional representatives to try to get answers.

The latest report involves some of the people who have called and what sort of response they got back. Not surprisingly, so far, not much has come of the effort, as no one in Congress seems particularly interested. However, I did want to call out one particular interaction, involving Rep. Pete King's "new media guy" who a caller reached. The caller, Philip Elmer-Dewitt, explained Sarah's story, and King's staff apparently got confrontational. According to the caller:
And he said:

"Why should I believe this just because someone reported it?"

And I kinda got my back up and said:

"So, are you calling the NPR producer a liar?"

And he said:

"Oh! So you got your 'gotcha moment' now!"

And he was a little hostile, so I backed off a bit and said:

"No, it's a journalistic experiment. We're trying to elicit information. We're trying to learn what the policy is."

But, basically his answer was that Sarah should call her representative and that's all there was to it.
Of course, it's worth remembering that Rep. Pete King famously was very supportive of IRA terrorists, but now argues that Ed Snowden and Glenn Greenwald are "traitors" and even that Greenwald should be prosecuted (based on completely false claims that King appears to have made up himself). He's also claimed that calling the NSA's activities "snooping" or "spying" amounts to slander. Now, apparently, his staff are getting confrontational with constituents asking rather basic questions about how DHS is treating American citizens at the border. Makes you wonder whom Rep. Peter King actually thinks he's representing.

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  1. icon
    Tyson (profile), 11 Dec 2013 @ 7:42am

    Re: Re: Re: Re:

    The Tea Party is not in power, or did you not notice who occupied the Houses of Congress and the White House during these events?

    The Tea Party has less sway than the Black Caucus. "We've got mass surveillance, curtailment of women's rights and lower wages in real terms since the Black Caucus got their people in. " See what I did there?

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