News From The Techdirt Insider Shop: Bitcoins, Black Friday & The 2013 Holiday Bundle

from the reason-to-buy dept

It's that time of year again — we've got a bunch of treats for readers who want to support Techdirt while getting some new gear and perks for the holidays. Today we're happy to make three big announcements about the Techdirt Insider Shop.

First, the shop is accepting Bitcoins! You can now use the internet's native currency for any purchase — just fill your cart as usual and select the Bitpay option at checkout.

Second, in celebration of that upgrade and as part of the Bitcoin Black Friday event happening today, we've put a bunch of items on sale. There are savings on a bunch of Insider gear, plus big discounts on our offerings for serious fans: Lunch with Mike and an awesome day with Techdirt.

Last but not least, it's time for the return of the Holiday Bundle!

This year's bundle includes a pullover hoodie, your choice of a coffee mug or water bottle, and the classic logo tee in your choice of light or dark gray. On top of that, the bundle includes a Watercooler Special: one full year of access to the Crystal Ball and the Insider Chat, plus a monthly cache of First Word/Last Word credits and an exclusive group video chat with Mike. All together this package would normally cost up to $152, but for a limited time it's available at $99!

If you're ordering gear from the Insider Shop to give as a gift, please do it soon to ensure it ships in time! Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee Christmas shipping, but orders placed by December 14th (in the US) or December 9th (internationally) should arrive on time with all shipping options. Depending on your location, there may be express shipping options available as well.

Happy holidays and happy shopping!

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 4 Dec 2013 @ 8:35am

    Re: Re: Re:

    I am sorry, for what I am going to say here, it will be harsh don't take it the wrong way.

    No, the housing bubble was problematic because supply exceeded demand, it could have been smaller and a lot less catastrophic than it was, if people hadn't made "risk reduction schemes" you see the same tools that were used to make things "safer" were the very thing that made it horrible in the end. Bundling of bad loans to people who couldn't pay with the people who could pay poisoned the very root system necessary to keep it safe there was no safeguards against that type of greed.

    Bitcoins will have bubbles that is inevitable like any other economic system, and it is like clockwork every 7 to 10 years cycles in every economy system ever devised.

    Bitcoins are great exactly because they have no "safeguards" that guarantee a) more transparency and b) bad greed doesn't have room to grow hopefully.

    What would have happened if the house bubble burst in the 90's when just a small percentage of people would not have been able to pay for their homes? The more time it was "protected" with "safeguards" of all kinds the more it grew.

    But hey if you don't trust bitcoins don't use them as currency but as transport agents only and you will have very little to fear, then inflation or deflation will make no difference if the only thing you want to do is transfer money to another place in an easier cheaper fashion.

    You see there is nobody guaranteeing bitcoins, there is no interest in hiding or artificially inflating its value, if you got too much bitcoins and can't transform them in another form of currency in one place alone you will have to find others to pay out, it self balances better than current economic systems.

    The very thing that people say its bad is what it makes it great, because its all the things that current economic systems are not.

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