Silk Road Employee Who Dread Pirate Roberts Tried To Kill Comes Forward

from the not-quite-what-you'd-expect dept

When the feds arrested Ross Ulbricht saying that he was the Dread Pirate Roberts who had created and run Silk Road, the dark web e-commerce site for all sorts of illegal products, we noted that there were actually two cases filed against Ulbricht, with the second one involving some really crazy claims of Ulbricht's attempt to hire someone to kill a Silk Road employee. Of course, the "hit man" he hired was actually an undercover agent, leading to a bizarre operation in which the Silk Road employee's death was faked, complete with bloody photos. More details have now come out as the employee, Curtis Clark Green, has released a statement providing some details. Believe it or not, this Silk Road employee is a 47-year-old grandfather whose day job is working "at a non-profit dedicated to helping people with learning disabilities." Not exactly what most people probably expected.

In the statement, he notes that he was basically a customer service person for Silk Road, helping out when there were problems and also keeping an eye out for potential fraud and/or law enforcement activity to report to Ulbricht, whose name and identity he never knew. He insists that he "never used illegal drugs and I never intended to be directly involved in illegal drug deals," but it does appear that he does admit to the basic claims that were in that indictment against Ulbricht: that he "helped" a drug dealer (who turned out to be an undercover agent) by agreeing to receive a large amount of cocaine. That resulted in his arrest, which in turn lead to Ulbricht trying to have him killed, claiming money was stolen. Green insists no money was actually stolen.

Once again, it seems like the real story may be even more fascinating than anything Hollywood could make up.

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    GMacGuffin (profile), 8 Nov 2013 @ 1:06pm


    The question is which Dread Pirate Roberts tried to Kill him?

    Great point. The classic SOD defense (it wasn't me, it was "some other dude") might here mean "some other Dread."

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