Was Level 3 The Weak Link That Gave The Feds A Way To Hack Into Google's Network?

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The NY Times has an interesting and informative story building on yesterday's bombshell about the NSA and GCHQ infiltrating Google and Yahoo's network links between datacenters. Much of the NYT report covers the same ground as the original Washington Post article, but adds a few key details. The key part? That the network cables that connect the various Google datacenters are apparently provided by telco infrastructure giant Level 3 -- and when asked about it, Level 3 seemed to hint strongly that the government may have gotten access via it, but that it was legally gagged from talking about it:
In a statement, Level 3 said: “We comply with the laws in each country where we operate. In general, governments that seek assistance in law enforcement or security investigations prohibit disclosure of the assistance provided.”
That's not a definite confirmation, but you can see how it would raise eyebrows. As the NYT report notes, in an earlier story, concerning claims that Level 3 had helped the intelligence community spy on Germans, the company had denied the report. The fact that it's not denying it here, but rather pointing out that if it had helped there would be a gag order, certainly suggests the potential way in for the NSA. If so, Google might want to look rather closely at its agreement with Level 3.

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    out_of_the_blue, 31 Oct 2013 @ 10:47am

    NO. Near certain was Brin, Schmidt, and what's-his-name.

    All of them got billions making them now definitely corrupt, and I doubt started with too much of conscience to soothe, either.

    This is just yet more of attempt to divert scandal away from the big co-conspirator corporations.

    Edward Snowden: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, and the rest of our internet titans must ask themselves why they aren't fighting for our interests the same way -- Ed, those soul-less amoral entities care only about the billions they get BEING snoops!


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