We Want Your Insights Into Performance Hosting For Web & Mobile Apps

from the calling-all-developers dept

Over on the Insight Community, we're seeking opinions and feedback from developers in the Techdirt community. New Relic, a performance monitoring platform for online services, wants your insights into the challenges of hosting for high-performance web and mobile apps.

We're running a series of these cases, and this month we're starting with an open question: what are your experiences with app hosting online? We're interested to know where, how and why various apps for web and mobile are hosted, what works and what doesn't, and what the biggest ongoing challenges are when it comes to deploying a reliable, high-performance app or service.

In exchange for your insights, we're offering some perks. Firstly, anyone who signs up for New Relic and installs the service will receive a free Nerd Life t-shirt. Additionally, one best response chosen by New Relic and the Techdirt editorial team will receive a free one-year Watercooler subscription on Techdirt (regular price $50). The subscription includes access to the Crystal Ball and the Insider Chat, plus five monthly First Word/Last Word credits, and can be applied to your own Techdirt account or gifted to someone else.

If you have a Techdirt account, then you're already a member of the Insight Community. Submit your insights this week for a chance to win!

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