Russian Pirates Offer To Host NASA's Website While US Government Is Shutdown

from the adopt-a-us-gov't-webiste dept

The government shutdown leading to various government websites being taken offline has been the subject of much mocking. But, for people who rely on those websites, it can be quite a nuisance. So perhaps it's time to start an "adopt a federal website" program, where others are willing to host the downed websites until such time as the government gets its act together. It appears that the Russian Pirate Party has kicked all this off by offering to host NASA's downed website. The full statement on the party's website is somewhat amusing:
from Pirate Party of Russia

Dear Madame/Sir,

We do care about the situation around your web site and the budget crisis in USA. Thereby we would like to offer you bulletproof collocation or dedicated servers on our hosting platform till the end of the crisis. We stand for Internet privacy, and as the result you would not have to worry about programs such as PRISM and other illegal activities of secret services of different countries. Your traffic, your activity and the activity of your users will be in safety.

We love Mars!
Perhaps we can set up an crowdfunding campaign to get this kind of thing moving.

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  1. icon
    PaulT (profile), 8 Oct 2013 @ 1:20am


    "They went out of their way to close open-air memorials."

    Did they? I would have assumed that the costs of patrolling, securing, maintaining and cleaning such properties would still be there and that it would fall under the "non-essential" category. Open air doesn't mean cost-free. Do you have anything to show that they actually went out of their way to do this rather than it being a natural consequence of the shutdown?

    "Today I heard that they put traffic cones on the side of a road from which people can see Mt Rushmore, because they didn't want anyone pulling over where they could get a view of the place while it is "closed"."

    Do you have a citation for that, because that seems to be the type of idiotic right-wing crap that gets thrown around as if it's facts and almost always seems to turn out to be a ridiculous lie. I could be wrong and I'll defer to any citation you can provide, but it does sound like the sort of vague story that some people throw around to generate outrage rather than thoughtful debate.

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