German Author And NSA Critic Says He Was Barred Entry Into The US

from the because-fuck-you-that's-why dept

German author Ilija Trojanov, an outspoken critic of the NSA's surveillance efforts, is claiming that he was just barred from entering the US. He was in Brazil, and was intending to head to Denver for a conference, but discovered some problems at the airport:

"The airline worker had hardly entered my name when she paused, stood up and disappeared without explanation behind a door," he wrote.

"A few moments later she returned with clearly a high ranking person who told me in rapid Portuguese and then almost as quickly in English that because of "Border Crossing Security" she was duty bound to inform American authorities immediately about my arrival at the airport.”

Three-quarters of an hour before his flight was due to leave Trojanov was told he would not be allowed to travel.
The US is already unfortunately infamous for just how difficult we make it for foreigners to visit the US (not to mention letting our own citizens back into the country). There could be many reasons why Trojanov was barred from flying, but this kind of thing is happening all too frequently, and certainly suggests a level of ridiculous pettiness on behalf of the US government, rather than any legitimate security reasons for barring some people from flying or entering the country.

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  1. identicon
    The Real Michael, 2 Oct 2013 @ 5:47am


    I can explain it. The British monarchy, along with the international bankers, formed the not-so-secret society of Freemasonry in order to enlist the services of Americans who are willing to betray their own country in exchange for power, money and protection. They want to transform this country into a communist nightmare.

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