Redefining English: Senator Feinstein Says The Press Needs To Stop Calling Patriot Act Surveillance Program A 'Surveillance Program'

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It's no secret that the intelligence community tries to give the "least untruthful" answers by basically redefining the English language. In an open Senate Intelligence Committee hearing today, in which Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, NSA boss Keith Alexander and Deputy Attorney General James Cole all got to talk up how important spying on everyone is, there was an incredible moment in which Intelligence Committee boss Senator Dianne Feinstein scolded not these bosses of the surveillance program, but the press for calling it a surveillance program. Yes, you read that right. We'll add the clipped video once it's available, but she argued that the Patriot Act's Section 215, which has been interpreted to allow for the collection of phone records on every phone call is NOT a surveillance program because it just "collects metadata." She suggests that it's unfair to call this surveillance program a surveillance program. That's because she's either lying or doesn't understand what metadata reveals.

So we have a simple request. Since metadata is no big deal and it's not surveillance, when will Senator Feinstein release all of the metadata on all of the phone calls to and from her various offices, mobile phones and home phones?

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  1. identicon
    known coward, 27 Sep 2013 @ 5:24am

    This is one of the bad things about having a democrat as president.

    Deep in your heart, you all know if Mr. Obama were still a senator he would be screaming bloody murder about these programs, how much they infringe on the rights of Americans and need to be stopped now. He would be right of course.

    But when you are a Chief Executive, you want wield supreme executive power to do your job. Your responsible for the safety of the nation from enemy attack. You want to know what your enemies foreign or domestic are up too, and will do anything to stay one step ahead of them, in order to do complete your first mandate. Make sure no group of putz’s drive a few planes and/or trucks into a few office buildings including the pentagon and white house.

    The republicans for the most part are more supportive of a police state than the demorcats. They are not going to say “no don’t spy on foreigners” they usually support it in the first place. Now with the democrats in power and wanting to stay in power, they will support the demands of the police state so another 9/11 does not happen during their term

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