US Military Admits No One Died Because Of Manning's Leaks

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One of the key talking points against Bradley Manning was how his leaks "put people in danger" and we've even seen some of the defenders of his prosecution claim that people had lost lives because of them. In fact, Army Chief of Staff Mike Mullen had directly stated that Manning (and Wikileaks) "might already have on their hands the blood of some young soldier or that of an Afghan family." Guess what? That was all FUD. As Manning's sentencing hearing kicked off, a key government witness admitted that there were no deaths that were attributable to those leaks. That came straight from Brig. Gen. Robert Carr, who was in charge of the response to the leaks. Among other things, he also noted that since the names did not appear in Arabic, it was unlikely that our enemies would have figured out who they really were anyway.
The retired general added that some of these contacts could not be found, others had died before the WikiLeaks disclosures, and others had been insurgents rather than cooperators with coalition forces.

Carr acknowledged that none of the names of Iraqi and Afghan contacts appeared in the original Arabic.

To this point, Manning's military defenders, Maj. Thomas Hurley, asked: "We don't share an alphabet with either of those countries, do we, Sir?"

"No," Carr replied.

Hurley also prompted Carr to concede that Iraqi and Afghan nationals tend not to be "not as plugged in" as Westerners.
The report also notes that while, in the past, some have claimed that an Afghani man killed by the Taliban was a result of those leaks "the supposed informant the Taliban claimed to have executed was not in fact named in the leaked materials." In other words, all the talk of people dying because of his leaks? Not true. Yet why do we trust the government every time there's a leak when they insist that everyone's lives are at risk?

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 21 Aug 2013 @ 7:30pm

    Some Perspective Please

    Interesting, but inconclusive.

    They say that they did not know of anyone that had died as a result of the leaks. That does not equate to saying that no one did. It also doesn't say that no one didn't. It just says that they do not know of anyone that had.

    This, however, is a sidenote to two important things.

    First, this is not a trial about whether Manning got anyone killed. This was a trial about how he broke laws that are designed to keep people from the risk of being killed. Whether you believe that those laws are necessary or not is not a factor. If you don't like it, call your congressman and senator or, better yet, run for office.

    Second, Manning was guilty of breaking these laws. He was going to jail. And we are forgetting that the names of anyone who died as a result of those leaks would also be classified.

    This means that Manning was going to jail no matter what. His lawyers were going for leniency, so that Manning wouldn't serve 60 years instead of the 35 he got.

    So what incentive would the government, or specifically Brig. Gen. Robert Carr, have for releasing this information? The example was made. Manning is going to prison. Why would they release that information? Unless they want to go through what Manning is now.

    I am not saying necessarily that Manning deserves what he is getting, but the debate needs to stay on point. And this is a sidenote that has no relevance whatsoever.

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