Gambia Passes Law That Gives Internet Activists 15 Year Jail Terms

from the a-bit-sensitive,-are-we? dept

Apparently, the government of Gambia is a bit sensitive to those darn people on the internet criticizing their actions. They've just ratified a new law that will give 15 year jail sentences to anyone who uses the internet to spread "false news," (there's also a fine that's about $100,000 USD) though as the title of the linked article notes, the real target is internet activists. "False news," apparently, is anything that the country's government officials don't like. The previous rule had been a possible 6 month jail term and ~$17 USD fine. Evidently that wasn't enough to shut up pesky government critics online. Of course, all a move like this really does is signal to the world that the Gambian government is really freaking scared of its own public.

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    Anonymous Coward, 11 Jul 2013 @ 10:34am

    Re: Re: Re: Re:

    You are an idiot. You have no freedom of speech on a privately-operated website. If Mike wanted to, he could block you and you'd have no way to challenge it.

    Um, you're the idiot because you're refuting something I never claimed. Of course this is Mike's website. I'm merely pointing out the irony (and dishonesty) that he pretends to be all about anonymous speech on the internet yet he goes out of his way to block certain anonymized services. He frequently faults others for doing pointless things like trying to block people on the internet, yet he's pointlessly trying to block me. Of course he has every right to do it. I'm pointing out that it makes him a two-faced douchebag to do so.

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