Shameful: Other Journalists Now A Part Of Ridiculous Smear Campaign Against Glenn Greenwald

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This is just getting ridiculous. We've covered the various stories of politicians and journalists suggesting that Glenn Greenwald should be arrested and charged for merely doing investigative journalism and reporting on the leaks of Ed Snowden. However, Greenwald himself has now revealed that a variety of mainstream press outlets are working on stories that are clearly designed to smear him, digging into minor events from over a decade ago to somehow attack his credibility. Greenwald is (smartly) getting out in front of these by revealing the details ahead of time, though it's ridiculous that he should need to. We won't even mention what the "issues" are, because they're trifling nothings from a decade or so ago that weren't newsworthy then and are not newsworthy today. What they are, clearly, are attempts to attack Greenwald's character for merely being one of the key reporters who has helped to expose massive government overreach in surveillance.

The actual story is about the government's overreach. But, rather than deal with that, reporters from newspapers like the NY Times want to write Greenwald into the story? Really? We have a huge opportunity for journalists to dig into the real story: just how much spying on people various governments around the globe are doing today. And yet, instead, they want to focus on minor quibbles from a decade ago involving the reporter who actually did the work they failed to do? It's a shameful reflection on the state of much of the media today.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 27 Jun 2013 @ 6:54am

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: what "reporting misinformation"

    persons, houses, papers, and effects

    does not include meta (billing) data stored and OWNED by phone service providers regarding your phone usage.

    That IS NOT your property, it IS the property of your phone company, you can gain access to your own phone records (with your phone bill), but it is NOT YOUR'S.

    It is certainly not part of the group that comprises your "persons, houses, paper or effects".

    It MIGHT be considered your 'papers' once you receive your printed bill, but you are just given a copy of the actual record, a record that belongs to the phone company. Along with many other details about you, that you probably do not have access too.

    (like the amount of times you have contacted the phone company, the dates you payed bills, the method of paying that bill, the location where you paid that bill and so on).

    There is a great deal of information about you, that YOU DO NOT OWN, and do not have access too, it's not yours.

    So in this case clearly the 4th Amendment of the Bill of Rights DOES NOT APPLY.

    Show me the case and file number where this has been challenged in the Supreme Court and where the SC has made a ruling ON THIS SPECIFIC CASE.

    Discuss: how you feel "green fields" does not also apply in this situation ?

    Anyone can cut and paste the results of a Google search, (just like Masnick does for a living), but it takes some work to understand at least the basics of what you are pasting.

    Google search is not a replacement for thinking.

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