NSA Boss Pretends He Doesn't Know Anything About Wikileaks

from the yeah,-right dept

Here's a tip to the NSA: if you're going to lie, at least make those lies sound somewhat believable. The latest is that General Keith Alexander, the director of the NSA, was asked a question about Wikileaks while on TV, leading to the following exchange:
STEPHANOPOULOS: The final point that Pierre made, the question about some government officials are asking whether WikiLeaks is a legitimate journalistic organization or an enemy of the state, where do you come down on that?

ALEXANDER: I have no opinion on WikiLeaks. I really don’t track them. I don’t know — I really don’t know who WikiLeaks are, other than this Assange person.
Of course, this comes out at about the same time as the federal government confirmed that several government agencies are still investigating Wikileaks. To think that the NSA would not be a part of that is somewhat unbelievable, especially given their mandate for foreign surveillance and anything that might lead to terrorism. While I think it's ridiculous that people think Wikileaks helped terrorists in any way, that has been the position stated by many in the government, so it's almost certain that the NSA is involved in any such investigation.

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  1. identicon
    Lurker Keith, 26 Jun 2013 @ 8:53am

    Rocky & Bullwinkle title

    That sounds like the set up for a Rocky & Bullwinkle title:

    Join us next time for "Not Their Spies, OUR spies" OR "We Don't Care 'Cause They're Legal"

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