Suburban Express Wants Round 3: Re-Files Against Customers

from the leeeeeeeeet's-get-ready-to-rumble! dept

In case you don't recall, Suburban Express is a bus company run by self-proclaimed human being Dennis Toeppen, who is best known for squatting on domains and levying fees against his bus company's customers for, well, everything. Included in that everything is saying mean things about Suburban Express online. That led them to threatening legal action on a Redditor for a sub-reddit about how mind-numbingly prickish the company is. The blow back from those threats, including a cameo by Ken "Popehat" White, revealed 100+ lawsuits Suburban Express had filed against former customers. Blow back having been received, Toeppen promised to drop all of those active suits, which his attorney then did, even as Toeppen continued a creepy campaign against the Redditor, Jeremy Leval.

And now Toeppen is taking decisive action to make sure everyone on the planet knows how petty he is, having hired a new attorney and attempted to reopen all of those previously dropped lawsuits against his own customers.

Well, he's now trying to re-open the lawsuit against the complaining passenger with a new attorney after his previous attorney had the case dismissed with prejudice. And he's trying to intimidate redditors by filing Freedom of Information Act requests with the University of Illinois in an attempt to expose their personal data. Also, he—or someone posing as him—has returned to reddit to trash-talk.

Dennis Toeppen, once a notorious domain-squatter, filed a FOIA request with the University of Ilinois requesting "Any and all communications to which Joel Steinfeldt of Office of Public Affairs is a party which mention, relate, or pertain to to Suburban Express, Matthew Finnicum, Murph Finnicum, or Jeremy Leval, for the period 1/1/2013 to present." A link to the electronic files generated in response to the FOIA request was then posted to reddit.
Oh, Dennis, how the childish never seem to learn. Everyone can rest assured that another round of blow back is on the way, an exodus of customers and potential customers, and all the bad press Toeppen could possibly want. You can't, can't, make a habit of suing large numbers of your own customers. That isn't Business 101, it's Human Being 101. Even more so when you promised, and in fact, did drop all of those cases once already. The internet monkey knows which lever to push to get him to back off again and I expect it to be pushed once more.

Even if this doesn't get the attention of Popehat, and I'll be severely disappointed if it doesn't, we may be seeing the beginning of the end of a business.

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  1. icon
    That One Guy (profile), 24 Jun 2013 @ 6:57pm


    '...after his previous attorney had the case dismissed with prejudice.'

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought dismissing a case with prejudice meant that it couldn't be brought up again. If that's so, and the attorney is still going through with it, I can only assume the guy hired either Prenda or Carreon as his lawyer.

    Also, given he's bringing back lawsuits that he previously dropped due to the avalanche of negative PR, it seems this would be the perfect situation for a whole slew of declaratory judgment cases, with each one having the defendant asking for lawyers fees.

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