If You Were Bradley Manning, What Would You Do?

from the put-yourself-in-his-shoes dept

Some Bradley Manning supporters have put together a very compelling campaign, called I Am Bradley Manning, asking the government to drop the "aiding the enemy" charge against Bradley Manning and noting the chilling effects it has on whistleblowers. The key part of the campaign is a five minute video of various well-known people talking about Bradley Manning and asking what would you do if you were in his shoes, and saw that your government was lying to the public, and doing things that you believed went against the very values and principles you were supposed to be fighting for.
The video includes commentary from a variety of different people, including Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg, reporter Matt Taibbi, actors Russell Brand, Wallace Shawn, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard and many more, musicians Roger Waters, Tom Morello, Moby and many more. For whatever reason -- even with all of the new attention paid to leaking due to Ed Snowden, the travesty that is the Bradley Manning trial still just isn't getting that much attention. One hopes that a bit more mainstream interest might change that. It really is an important question: if you were in Bradley Manning's shoes, what would you do?

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 21 Jun 2013 @ 12:25pm

    Re: I would like to say I would have done the same thing...

    I already know what I would do. I worked for a company in the past who had shady practices when it came to most everything. I had domain admin access, so I was able to watch my own back, but I saw stuff happen both to internal employees and external clients that would make your head spin.

    What did I do? Well, I was pretty junior at the time and I knew the job looked good on my resume, so I rode it out, kept my head down, and once I had enough experience to get something better, left and did so. Honestly, I can't imagine doing it any differently. That company is still in business and I know is never going to change (even if I blew a whistle to someone, I watched them weasel out of enough to know it wouldn't affect much), so all I could do was stay on guard, get something out of it, and move on. I still have a good reference and quite a bit of experience from there.

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