Warner Bros. Copyright Trolling Customers Of Non-Six Strikes ISPs

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One point that people have pointed out concerning the US's "six strikes" agreement between ISPs and Hollywood, is the fact that it only covers a group of the largest ISPs, but there are a fair number of other, smaller, independent ISPs. Apparently, however, Hollywood has decided that it will go after users on those ISPs as well, and will go after them more aggressively -- by demanding cash from them. Basically, Warner Bros. has teamed up with a company called Digital Rights Corp., which is sort of a "slightly more legit" form of copyright trolling -- demanding licenses from people they accuse of infringement.
“Yes. Warner Bros. is working with Digital Rights Corp on a test ISP/subscriber notification program to many ISPs that are not participating in the Copyright Alert System,” a Warner spokesman told TorrentFreak.

[....] “The notices give consumers an opportunity to settle the identified infringement for a very nominal sum of $20 per title infringed–not as a measure of damage, but as a concrete reminder that our content has value and as a discouragement of future unauthorized activity.”
This is nefarious on multiple levels, because it actually treats the consumers of alternative ISPs worse than customers of ISPs who agreed to sell out those customers to Hollywood.

As TorrentFreak notes, it's not clear that Warner Bros. can or would actually do anything if you don't pay such a demand. But, if you do pay, it appears they go back to you seeking more:
After the initial payment, Rights Corp matched the notified (and settled) infringement with two others already on file. Since the guy had filled in his phone number, the company then called him up and asked for another $40.00 to clear his file.
This certainly sounds like copyright trolling, along the lines of Prenda, but at a slightly cheaper level.

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    out_of_the_blue, 13 Jun 2013 @ 5:49am

    Re: Re: Mike and Torrentfreak trolling for fanboy outrage.

    "That common law assertion was found lacking by US courts as others have pointed out repeatedly to you in the past."

    Lacking? No, common law is still valid. I made it, therefore I own it, you do NOT. It's that simple, and will be valid forever.

    In any event, common law has only been clarified and fortified by statute. The WHOLE field of copyright is based on "I made it therefore I own it". Your "pointed out" is simply another assertion. I require you to show where "I made it, so I own it" is invalid, not just try to dismiss it with an assertion that the assertion has been "proved" in the past.

    Besides, that you guys keep confusing The Rich going to excess with the simple principles of copyright. If you'd rail against The Rich and the statutes they've bought, you'd get further. By trying to undermine simple and obvious common law, you serve The Rich, not the people.

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