New Filing Presents Evidence That John Steele Uploaded Videos To BitTorrent Himself

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If you thought Graham Syfert was done with taking on John Steele and Prenda law with the closing of the Sunlust case in Florida, you'd be wrong. Today he's filed an incredible filing not just hitting back at Prenda in another case, First Time Videos vs. Paul Oppold, and asking for attorney's fees, but also including an affidavit from an actual expert (i.e., not a Prenda-style "forensic" expert) named Delvan Neville, who lays out in astounding detail how it's almost certain that John Steele himself uploaded the various videos to BitTorrent that were then used to sue various defendants for either "hacking" or copyright infringement. Oh, and in doing so, Steele appears to have made some choices that are pretty damning, including suggesting that he set up the file to effectively broadcast that it was free for the taking. In other words, there's an incredibly strong argument that the release of the file on BitTorrent was very authorized.

The work builds on some earlier research that Syfert has put out exploring how many of the Prenda-related films seemed to have been initially offered on The Pirate Bay via the same user: sharkmp4. For all the mocking that people have made concerning Prenda's "forensic" investigations into those they accuse of infringement (i.e., finding an IP address and not much else), Neville shows you how an actual investigation is done. You should read the whole thing for the layers upon layers of evidence that all seem to point the finger at John Steele.

Among other things, sharkmp4 seemed to be able to post these works on The Pirate Bay before the works were even mentioned anywhere else, and in at least one case, "sharkmp4" put a video up on The Pirate Bay three days before Prenda shell company Ingenuity 13 had even filed for the copyright. On top of that, the "forensics" company that Prenda uses -- which is supposedly run by Paul Hansmeier's brother Peter, but which had its domain registered and controlled by (you guessed it) John Steele -- apparently identified "infringements" almost immediately after the videos were placed on The Pirate Bay -- meaning they were likely looking for such infringement in conjunction with the upload.

At the end, however, Neville pulls together really damning evidence, tying together a website set up to distribute Ingenuity 13 porn films with the same exact IP address that was confirmed as being used by John Steele to log into his own GoDaddy account, highlighting how Steele -- or someone with access to his logins -- clearly has full access and control over Ingenuity 13 works. As you read through all of the evidence it appears highly likely that Steele is in control of Ingenuity 13, despite all his protests to the contrary.

As the filing notes:
Prenda Law's business structure is such that it is pirate, forensic pirate hunter, and attorney. It also appears that Prenda Law also wants to/has formed/is forming a corporate structure where it is: pornography producer, copyright holder, pornography pirate, forensic investigator, attorney firm, and debt collector. Other than the omission of appearing in the pornography themselves, this would represent an entire in-house copyright trolling monopoly- not designed to promote their own works for distribution and sale, but to induce infringement of their works and reap profits seen from mass anti-piracy litigation.
It remains to be seen if the court bothers to explore this, but I would imagine that it may be of interest in other Prenda and related cases.

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  1. icon
    Anon E. Mous (profile), 3 Jun 2013 @ 12:50pm

    Is anyone really surprised at the fact that Steele would upload the movies and then have Hansmeiers company use a bit torrent client to grab the IP addresses used to download the files?

    This is why when you search the titles of the movies you find that:
    1) They were never distributed anywhere by any distributor.
    2) The titles were never available for purchase or through any VOD service.
    3) Were never available at any website for viewing or download other than on a torrent file site.

    This is why Prenda and especially Steele will be ripe
    candidates for a RICO indictment. They fit the bill for an ongoing criminal conspiracy definition to a "T" in my opinion.

    The whole premise of their supposed copyright enforcement litigation after a lot of the Hard Drive Production cases started to turn from having to give a cut of lawsuit revenues to the client, to lets cut the client out entirely and become the client through offshore entities and LLC's and keep all the profits!

    Gibbs will be the first to turn states evidence, his legal careers is in tatters, he is facing bar investigations. He has Prenda Law on his resume, and still is facing his share of Judge Wright's sanction award. Gibbs will be the first to turn if a Grand Jury starts looking at RICO.

    Duffy will be the next to fall due to his State Bar investigations, his name is the head of Prenda allegedly, and his precarious financial position with Judgements against him, I will bet he turns witness for a deal in a RICO case.

    Hansmeier will stay true for a while but not when RICO comes after Gibbs's and Duffy fall, he will want to save himself.

    Steele's ego will keep him feigning innocence and stall all the way to the end, and it will be Steele rattling the bars in the pen when RICO comes down.

    Steele's own ego in creating LLC and entities and offshore trusts and then using family members address to register them at and his Gmail address will be his downfall.

    Steele will be a law schools section on "Ethics and when to know you have crossed the line" and Prenda will be the footnote of how not to run a law firm.

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