Court Dumps Prenda's Subpoena

from the quashed dept

You may recall that Prenda had (not surprisingly) gone crazy overboard with subpoenas in its attempt to intimidate some anti-copyright troll bloggers and their commenters. The EFF stepped in and asked a court to quash the subpoena, which the court has now done, in large part because Prenda never even bothered to respond.
As of this date, no responsive memorandum has been filed. LRCiv 7.2(i) provides in part “if the opposing party does not serve and file the required answering memorandum, ...such noncompliance may be deemed a consent to the denial or granting of the motion and the Court may dispose of the motion summarily.” Pursuant to this rule, the Court deems Plaintiff's failure to serve and file the required answering memorandum a consent to the granting of Defendant-Movant's Motion to Quash the Subpoena to Wild West Domains Seeking Identity Information.
I guess Prenda's a bit busy. Or someone there realized this subpoena had zero chance of actually going forward. Either way, the subpoena is dead.

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    That Anonymous Coward (profile), 17 May 2013 @ 7:41pm


    The case would have fallen apart before then.

    This subpoena request was an attempt to obtain the name of the blogger 'Die Troll Die'.
    DTD runs the blog where Copyright Trolls get exposed.
    They also sought the name of 'Sophisticated Jane Doe', but the registrar was different and much less US based.
    This was the 3rd(?) failure in this case to unmask anonymous posters/commentators and just visitors to the 2 blogs.

    They contend that me calling them a half step up from Nigerian Scammers was defaming them, I think I gave them to much credit.

    This was about trying to discredit those people who were calling out Pretenda et al. (they've had so many names past, present, and future) as evil people out to sully the name of these fine upstanding lawyers who were protecting pornographers.

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