Iceland's Supreme Court Upholds Wikileaks Ruling, Orders Visa To Process Donations Again

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You may recall that after US politicians pressured Visa and Mastercard to stop processing donations to Wikileaks, Wikileaks sued in Iceland. Last year, an Icelandic court ordered Visa to start processing donations to Wikileaks again, but Visa appealed. Now, the Icelandic Supreme Court has upheld the original ruling and once again told Valitor (Visa Iceland) to begin processing those donations again. As Wikileaks points out, if it refuses to do so, it will have to pay fines around $200,000 per month. Your move, Visa. Of course, if Visa does start processing donations, how long until diplomatic pressure from the US on Iceland leads to Iceland backing down?

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  1. identicon
    anonymouse, 26 Apr 2013 @ 4:04am


    It must be really frustrating for the US that all of the lobbying and the money changing hands to enforce this has been for nothing, just as the billions spent on lobbying for CISPA have been for nothing, Yes they will eventually get something passed but in the meantime America is spending a small fortune on trying to get the world to comply to its demands, and one tiny country has overcome there size and strength with one small court case.

    I am so glad that torrenting is increasing and that the internet is being used to stop the US government in it's tracks. It just shows that, when combined, the world population really can work together, and a huge shout out to Reddit and the world community using it to improve and protest what the governments around the world do.We are one world and one community and the time of governments ruling the world is slowly coming to an end, yes very very slowly at the moment, but it is happening slowly enough that the US and others do not even realise what is happening.

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