Cyberlocker Blocked In Italy Hires Lawyer To Challenge The Block

from the censor-first,-ask-questions-later dept

Apparently, over in Italy, the latest overreaction to copyright infringement online resulted in police having the domains of 27 sites blocked at the ISP level. We're always nervous about law enforcement actions that involve such a broad-based attack on an entire site, especially when the sites are not given the chance to be heard in an adversarial hearing first. It appears now that at least one site, Rapidgator, has hired a lawyer in Italy to challenge the decision. Of course, in the meantime, the site is still blocked, which can be deadly for a startup trying to grow a business. Is it really that much to ask for a basic process in which a site is given the chance to respond to allegations before it's shut down entirely?

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    Tex Arcana (profile), 24 Apr 2013 @ 5:30pm

    Re: Re: Re: Looking at it from the wrong side

    What's stupid is MAFIAA puppets with arms up their asses, moving their mouths.

    And I doubt seriously your any form of "artist", because you're too fucking chicken to use a name, instead of "AC".

    And, to elucidate you on the REAL issue here: it's not about artists getting paid--we are all in favor of that.

    What we are NOT in favor of, is kangaroo "courts" convicting people of perceived "crimes" without due process--which, last time I checked, we are GUARANTEED by our constitution; and, last I checked, the citizens of Italy were guaranteed as well.

    We are also not in favor of media companies raping the artists with convoluted contracts that leave them destitute; or producing crap media that they then try to shove down our throats while picking our pockets.

    We also despise companies that band together for the expressed purpose of stripping even more money out of those that buy said crap; and forcing "fines" in the name of "justice", which is nothing more than another illegal and unconstitutional extortion of the very people they should NOT criminalize: THEIR CUSTOMERS.

    If indeed you are an artist, and not a puppet of the MAFIAA, then set yourself up as an independent, and watch us buy your stuff, willingly.

    But if you indeed are a puppet on a string, then we will vilify you, and we will avoid buying your crap,

    Make a choice.

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