Awesome Stuff: Ferrofluid

from the make-it-dance dept

Last week you got to see four projects, so hopefully you banked that extra one, because this week we're going with just two. However, they're both projects involving ferrofluid that are perhaps competing with each other. I could only find two live ferrofluid projects, and that made it easy to figure out what was on the list this week....
  • First up is the well-named Ferrocious, which not only shows you ferrofluid in action, but it also responds to music and dances around within the device.
    I've gone back and forth on whether or not I really like this project. The device is cool... but it seems a bit bulky, considering how small the space is where the ferrofluid is. It has that mad scientist vibe, but at over $100, seems a bit steep. They're also selling a simpler version that is just a more standard ferrofluid display with a magnet, rather than the whole "bounces to music" thing. The project is ways past its rather low goal, but it also hasn't taken the Kickstarter community by wildfire yet either.
  • The second one is also a ferrofluid display, but the NeoDrop interactive display definitely has a much more polished look to it, even though it (like the simplified Ferrocious device) relies on hand held magnets to make the liquid do its thing.
    This device is also way overfunded based on a modest initial target. It's worth noting that this device seems a lot cooler looking if you're going for that modernist aesthetic -- plus it's a lot cheaper than the Ferrocious device. Either way, lots of people seem to be snapping up the devices to great fanfare.
Anyway, that's it this week: short and sweet, and letting the ferrofluid do the talking... Until next time, enjoy thinking about ferrofluid.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 14 Apr 2013 @ 4:21am

    "Awesome Stuff"

    yes,,,, really AWESOME !!!!!

    To me they are quite a yawn..

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