If Your Cable Company Were Honest, This Is What Its Commercial Would Look Like

from the well-done dept

You may have already seen this, as it seems to be getting passed around everywhere this morning, but for those of you with actual important stuff to do all day, you may have missed this amusing mock cable company commercial from what Extremely Decent Films has dubbed "The First Honest Cable Company." It is marginally NSFW depending on your work environment and their likelihood of being offended by a the occasional swear word or vague reference to a sexual act.
Just a snippet of the transcript in case you can't watch the video right now:
You'll have the option of choosing from several of our completely unwarranted ripoffs, including internet speeds almost 200 times slower than Korea... at twice the price. TV packages with over 500 channels, 90% of which you can't view and we guarantee a plethora of hidden fees. Then our barely trained technicians will come to install your service somewhere between the hours 8am and 10 pm, knock once while you're in the shower, and promptly leave.... Why you ask? We're part of what is called an "oligopoly." It's like a monopoly... only legal!
Good stuff.

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    Akari Mizunashi (profile), 29 Mar 2013 @ 11:45am

    I'd watch the video, but my bandwidth's sluggish (and possibly capped since I've ignored those 113 CAS "warnings" sent to my inbox).

    Wouldn't matter if it wasn't sluggish. By the time it started streaming, I'd be on the phone, again, bitching why their cheap ass modem requires me to unplug it for 2 minutes to fix the problem.

    "Bob" is always nice, but I'd wish he'd quick drinking on the job. He sounds like he's from India. He's always helpful, going down the same 10 checklist items only to discover my original question isn't covered and puts me in touch with... technical support. I thought that's who I called.

    But the jokes on them! I save myself the price of a stamp each month by sending my payment via my online bank and force them to send me a paper copy invoice!

    I know, I'm evil, but I've learned from the best!

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