If Your Cable Company Were Honest, This Is What Its Commercial Would Look Like

from the well-done dept

You may have already seen this, as it seems to be getting passed around everywhere this morning, but for those of you with actual important stuff to do all day, you may have missed this amusing mock cable company commercial from what Extremely Decent Films has dubbed "The First Honest Cable Company." It is marginally NSFW depending on your work environment and their likelihood of being offended by a the occasional swear word or vague reference to a sexual act.
Just a snippet of the transcript in case you can't watch the video right now:
You'll have the option of choosing from several of our completely unwarranted ripoffs, including internet speeds almost 200 times slower than Korea... at twice the price. TV packages with over 500 channels, 90% of which you can't view and we guarantee a plethora of hidden fees. Then our barely trained technicians will come to install your service somewhere between the hours 8am and 10 pm, knock once while you're in the shower, and promptly leave.... Why you ask? We're part of what is called an "oligopoly." It's like a monopoly... only legal!
Good stuff.

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  1. identicon
    Watchman, 1 Apr 2013 @ 10:58pm


    I couldnt stop laughing at this. I work for a cable company and sometimes genuinely wonder if this is the case. Seems like no matter how hard I try to do the right thing, there are lots of others that will just do the bare minimum to get by. But my local competition isnt much better. They jerk people around just as much. And then you look at pay TV in general.... why am I paying to have TV channels with more commercials?! If you are paying for TV, there should be ZERO commercials. It is funny to think that we are paying to have advertisements blaring in front of our faces all the time. I say start a revolution! Stop watching TV, start exercising, and use that thing between our ears a little more. And while we are at it, lets get our kids outdoors and stop wasting our lives sending updates on Twitter and Facebook. No one cares about your passive aggressive self deprecating remarks that are a blatant attempt to gain praise from your 742 "friends" on Facespace. I could rant more, but I don't want to pretend to be too much of a tough guy on a random post. I will do that on a forum where I am a millionaire fireman that kicked UBL in the shins while riding a tiger

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