Shockingly Unshocking: 'Cybersecurity' FUD Has Been Big Big Business For Contractors

from the well,-look-at-that dept

Back when this hype about "cybersecurity" and "cyberwar" first started to hit the mainstream (early on, "cyberwar" was more common, but lately people focus on "cybersecurity"), we had an article which suggested that much of this really seemed to be about scaring up a panic for the sake of throwing money at defense contractors who wanted to charge crazy huge sums for "helping" with cybersecurity. And, as we noted, that push was leading to hundreds of millions of dollars in government contracts. It appears that, with cybersecurity FUD only getting bigger and bigger, the folks who are making out like bandits are all those defense contractors who are jumping in to fan the flames of FUD... and then taking our taxpayer money to "fix" the problem.

In that link above, they talk about Lockheed and Raytheon signing agreements with Homeland Security in which they get to "help" the government out by scanning email and other info collected by the NSA.
Under the program, critical infrastructure companies will pay the providers, which will use the classified information to block attacks before they reach the customers. The classified information involves suspect Web addresses, strings of characters, email sender names and the like.
None of this necessarily means that online attacks aren't a real threat... but I'd feel a lot more comfortable about where things were heading if there weren't a whole bunch of defense contractors gleefully rubbing their hands together as they scoop up more and more contracts while the FUD keeps spreading.

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    Ninja (profile), 27 Mar 2013 @ 2:29pm

    It's just moving to the virtual field since it's getting harder to go to war in the physical realm without people criticizing the expenditures and the collateral damage (civilians causalities, misbehavior from the troops with even raping included and so on). The virtual world is ethereal and what's done there can't be easily caught on camera or things like that.

    I'm expecting some cyber-9/11 with a following cyber-Patriot Act soon. That's how the US has been doing business since Marshall Plan (probably some time before that). USSR tried too with the Warsaw Pact. It's pure greed and it's much older than we think.

    There are reports that money going to rebuild a lot of countries simply go to the hands of huge American consultants and companies instead of benefiting the public. It's a huge scam.

    They are just adapting to times.

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