Senator Tweets About 'Very Uncomfortable' TSA Pat Down: 'OMG'

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A few years ago, we wrote about how many elected officials in Congress get to skip through airport security when they fly -- which might explain why they're not so concerned with the intrusive nature (and lack of effectiveness) of today's security theater at airports. It turns out that this only applies when they travel with law enforcement. At other times, if they're traveling alone, they do, in fact, have to go through the standard TSA process, and it appears that Senator Claire McCaskill was not too happy about her latest experience:
She later said that this sort of #veryuncomfortable and "OMG" experience is something she's gone through frequently due to the fact that she has a metal knee.

Of course, the real question is whether or not this will actually change anything at all. As some have pointed out, Senator McCaskill has been criticizing such pat downs for years (while also arguing in favor of "full body scanners") and it hasn't changed much. In some ways, it just feels like another piece of the theater act.

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    special-interesting (profile), 13 Mar 2013 @ 1:35am

    Where is the basic trust we shared as Americans gone? What lovable societal meem was lost when the TSA entered the scene.

    Degrading into conspiracy theory: A direct result of DEA policy of supporting foreign suppliers of drugs.

    If one was really against terrorism then they would remove all the laws regulating drugs including prescriptions. This would remove any monetary support for gangs, hoodlums, most terror cells, gangsters, motivation for many bank robberies and the development of new drugs based on societal use. (don't laugh as many current drugs were first found by individual use and its success as such)

    In all that we consider the feelings of an elected representative's feelings about being searched with the scrutiny to find even a hidden jump drive.

    -two page rant tossed into campfire-

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