Will Jurisdictional Fight Slow Down CISPA's Momentum?

from the one-hopes dept

Thanks to a fair bit of propaganda making the rounds, it feels like CISPA -- the cybersecurity bill that seeks to obliterate privacy protections without explaining how that will increase our security -- is on a bit of a fast track towards approval. However a bit of a stumbling block may have popped up. Congressional Representatives Bennie Thompson and Yvette Clarke -- the ranking members on the Committee on Homeland Security and the Subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection and Security Technologies -- have suddenly realized that all of this is happening without their support. That is, they finally realized that, while this is being handled by the Intelligence Committee, it directly impacts Homeland Security and Cyersecurity (obviously), and so they're suddenly asking why it's not going through their committees.

This is just a basic jurisdictional dispute between various fiefdoms within Congress. They pop up every now and again, and usually get resolved in due time. However, in the short term, it could certainly represent a speed bump that hopefully slows down the pace at which Congress seems to want to rush into approving CISPA.

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    Ninja (profile), 8 Mar 2013 @ 2:57am

    I see a pattern. Introduce pure bs, harmful bills and they'll fast track. Introduce needed, beneficial to the people bills and they'll be ignored.

    Maybe we should introduce the second types of bills assuring congress critters that it's the pinnacle of screwing the people to get them passed?

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