John Steele Dismisses His Defamation Lawsuit Against Alan Cooper And Anonymous Internet Critics

from the perhaps-he's-got-other-things-to-worry-about dept

Today's quite a Prenda Law day around here. While the focus has reasonably been on the upcoming showdown on Monday, where Judge Otis Wright has ordered all of the Prenda players to be in his courtroom on Monday, John Steele has apparently dismissed his defamation case against Alan Cooper, Cooper's lawyer Paul Godfread and a bunch of anonymous commenters who have been mocking Steele mercilessly for months. Perhaps Steele realized that the case would open him up to discovery, which could reveal some things he'd prefer not to reveal to a court. Or, perhaps, he's suddenly realized that he's going to be busy dealing with the fallout from the Wright hearings. Or, perhaps there's another strategy as yet unrevealed. Given Steele's history of searching for and testing out all kinds of loopholes in the hopes that something works, it wouldn't surprise me to find out that this isn't the last we hear concerning this attempt to "out" his critics.

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    G Thompson (profile), 6 Mar 2013 @ 6:41pm

    Too little too late and it's without prejudice

    It's only a voluntary dismissal without prejudice so I think the best thing would be now that Steele has given the suggestion that he is willing to do this sort of action (unless this was initiated by someone else on his behalf and that's a whole different type of bullshit) then a motion for declaratory judgement initiated by ALL relevant parties INDIVIDUALLY (They might be joined eventually at the courts discretion only) should be performed to make sure that this sort of 'at face' malicious, vindictive, and dare I say idiotic action is not performed by Steele or his cohorts again!

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