Japanese Law Enforcement Uses New Copyright Law To Arrest 27 File Sharers

from the lock-'em-up dept

Last year, we noted that Japan had put in place ridiculously draconian copyright laws that criminalized unauthorized downloads, DVD backups and even watching infringing YouTube videos in some cases. And, of course, what good is a law if it's not used? So, Japanese law enforcement apparently went on a big raid, searching 124 locations and arresting 27 people. Those arrested may face between two and ten years in jail, because that's a reasonable punishment for sharing something. I don't see how this makes anyone respect copyright any more, or gives anyone any additional incentive to support the legacy players who are using this system to put fans in jail.

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    out_of_the_blue, 28 Feb 2013 @ 1:07pm

    Re: Re: Miss-the-obvious Mike strikes again.

    @ a false out_of_the_blue:

    >>> First they came for those who downloaded copyrighted works, but I did not speak up since I did not download copyrighted works.

    No, FIRST they come for those who are actually GUILTY. I prefer efforts be directed to mega-grifters like Kim Dotcom, who's now a multi-millionaire after diverting an income stream from the creators of works. Throwing him in jail won't bother ME a bit.

    >>> Then they came for those that created new things from copyright works, but I'm not creative enough for that so I said nothing.

    AT THIS TIME, you're advocating that those creators don't get rewarded, so you're starving them.

    >>> Then they came for contrarians assholes posting on internet blog like me, and there was no one left to stop them.....

    Are you committed to MY free speech? I'll thank you (after the fact) for stopping bullets for me, then, INSTEAD OF TRYING TO SHUT ME UP HERE AND NOW.

    What an unwittingly perverse idiot.

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