Two And A Half Minute Video Explains How The Ability To Sell Stuff You Legally Purchased Is At Risk

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As we wait patiently for the Supreme Court to decide the Kirtsaeng case, concerning whether or not you can resell goods that were made outside the US but that can be covered by copyright inside the US, the folks at Demand Progress have put together a nice two and a half minute video highlighting the possible consequences of a ruling that goes against first sale rights and limits your ability to freely sell items you legally purchased. While it may seem premature to be discussing this before the eventual ruling, having more people understand why this is a vitally important issue is helpful, so that we can either push for legislation to fix a bad ruling, or (hopefully) resist a push in the other direction by companies seeking to stomp out first sale rights.

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    Anonymous Coward, 5 Mar 2013 @ 4:15pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

    Again, there's been an amazing growth in the world of cheap textbooks from a variety of upstarts. If you don't think they'd jump into developing nations as the big guys jack up their prices even higher, you're not paying attention. :)

    I don't know. US textbooks are pretty much the international gold standard. I have a hard time believing that a company operating in a Third World economy could:

    a) develop a competitive alternate text
    b) make any inroads into the N. American market where the big money is
    c) profit on the relatively few, low dollar sales in such market

    Remember, they'd not only have to develop a world-class text, profit from a low-margin, low density market- but also have to be prepared to fend off an aggressive reentry by Wiley and companies like it.

    It would certainly cure the grey market issue as it's very unlikely that such a book would ever be used as a text in the US.

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