Canadian Schools Ban WiFi Based On Bad Science

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A decade ago, we first wrote about some freaked out, clueless parents suing a school district for wanting to install a WiFi network. The parents believed -- based on absolutely no evidence whatsoever -- that WiFi networks emitted "harmful" electro-magnetic radiation. Since then, we've heard of many such stories of people fearing the health impacts of WiFi, despite a near total lack of evidence of any harm at all. Studies have found that an entire year sitting next to a WiFi access point gives you the equivalent radiation of 20 minutes on a mobile phone. And yet, every few years, we hear about parents or politicians freaking out about the issue and trying to get WiFi banned in schools.

Amazingly, they've succeeded in some places, including 12 elementary and middle schools up in Canada, which are now being called out by a group called "Bad Science Watch" for making decisions based on absolutely and totally bogus science. You can read the full report here, in which they call out "anti-WiFi activists" who are "spreading misinformation." It seems they ought to call out schools as well. You would think that places of learning would investigate the actual science.
These claims are not substantiated by the scientific literature and have little acceptance from medical professionals and the scientific community. This activism therefore amounts to nothing more than fear-mongering by misguided special interest groups who are attempting to have these networks removed.

Nevertheless, the media has been all too willing to fan the flames of controversy and has contributed to a growing false uncertainty over the safety of WiFi. As a result many school boards, libraries, and town councils across Canada have been called on by concerned citizens to limit or remove WiFi networks.

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  1. identicon
    M. Callahan, 11 May 2013 @ 7:47pm

    A bunch of no-brain air suckers...

    I have never seen such and long list of lemmings blathering about their no brain idiocy. Science that doesn't get read, doesn't exist in the monkey pack. Google a phrase, why don't you; the Google mind will be magic for you guys. Try EMF as a class 2 carcinogen- that ought to lengthen this thread by about 50 'missing links' screeching about the biggest word in their book.... pseudoscience... Wow. You guys are soooo smart! You say such full-of-important things! I wonder why anyone in the International Agency for the Research on Cancer ever read a $10,000,000 grant by any guy with a Ph.D? I'll bet you guys will tell me what Ph.D means! What kind of stupid label is that? Why waste a dime on a degree to tell us what to do? Gee, I wish all you smart guys were around when I signed up for Nuclear Engineering. I coulda saved some money.... you're all so smart, with your microwave oven jokes- I don't get it! Why would a guy sit by an oven for a 100 years... is that funny?

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