If You're An Entrepreneur Who's Sick Of DC Not Paying Attention To You, Here's Your Chance

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My friends over at Engine Advocacy (disclaimer: I'm on the steering committee and advise them on certain issues, but have nothing to do with this event) are planning their second Startup Day on the Hill -- where they bring a bunch of entrepreneurs to Washington DC, and actually get them talking to lawmakers. This is a big deal and a useful opportunity. As we all know, DC has a long history of ignoring startups, but the goal of Engine is to change that, and this is one of many cool and useful programs that they're doing. Among other things, there will be a Demo Day for policy makers, roundtable discussions with some of the top tech policy people in the White House, including CTO Todd Park and Senior Policy Advisor Doug Rand (both are very interesting guys). And, of course, a bunch of meetings with elected officials in Congress and their staffs. These kinds of things are great for getting folks in DC to realize that startups and innovation are real things. Too often, it seems that they only look to big legacy companies for tech policy, and that can distort the picture. One way to fix that is to get them introduced to more startups and entrepreneurs. So, please, please, check this out and see if you can go. It's happening February 26th and 27th with all the details on the site.

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    Ninja (profile), 5 Feb 2013 @ 2:44am

    Hopefully it's not another event where hands are shaken, smiles are distributed, photos are taken and nothing is done. I'm cheering on these guys!

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    arleenzank (profile), 5 Feb 2013 @ 3:22am

    Start Up Day

    It's always fascinating that these guys are constantly yapping about the impact Young Guns - entrepreneurial companies have on economic growth and jobs - yet when push comes to shove they turn to the usual suspects who aren't interested in anything that is going to wreck their entrenched business models and old school closed attitudes on technology, content, and intellectual property.

    Should make for an interesting day

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