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UK Thankfully Rejects Plans For New IP Czar With Mandate To 'Increase, Protect & Enforce'

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The UK has been surprisingly open to reforming copyright law in a more reasonable direction over the past few years, though (not surprisingly) copyright maximalists have been pushing back on such plans. Paul Keating alerts us to the news that, thankfully, a proposal to establish a special "IP czar" in the UK, whose role would only be to increase IP, has been rejected by the House of Lords:
Conservative Party peer Lord Jenkin of Roding had tabled an amendment to establish a new post of Director General of Intellectual Property Rights. The holder would have responsibility for promoting the creation of new intellectual property; protecting and promoting the interests of UK IP owners; coordinating effective enforcement of UK IP rights; and educating consumers on the nature and value of intellectual property.
Note those four responsibilities. Increase "new" intellectual property (it's unclear if they mean laws or content itself...), protect IP owners, increase and coordinate enforcement and "educate" consumers. Notice that nowhere in there is any recognition that the supposed purpose of those laws is to benefit the public. It would seem a lot more reasonable that any such role should be about increasing the spread of knowledge, watching out for over-enforcement, protecting the interests of the public and educating IP owners on not abusing the law. But, apparently, that sort of thing is what governments are interested in these days.

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    That Anonymous Coward (profile), 4 Feb 2013 @ 8:11am

    It might be time for an IP Czar, but one that works a bit differently.
    Increase new intellectual property by leading reforms removing NPE's from the process, keep them from hampering new developments and charging rent on "ideas" they keep locked up.
    Protect IP owners from their own stupidity, pointing out that consumer demand should be more important than but we always made this much policies.
    Enforce the rights of the public to get their promised rewards for allowing these limited monopolies.
    Educating consumers that there are many nontraditional ways to access new IP not offered by the old gatekeepers.
    Fighting back against the old gatekeepers trying to keep their stranglehold on the market hurting the public.

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