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Announcing: Our New Sky Is Rising Report!

from the digging-in dept

A year ago, we announced our Sky is Rising report, sponsored by CCIA, looking at the state of the global entertainment industry over the last decade -- and seeing that, despite the doom and gloom that we heard from some legacy players, the story actually showed tremendous opportunity. There was massive growth in content being produced, growth in revenue (though often distributed differently than through traditional gatekeepers) and tremendous new opportunities for content creators. It also found that, contrary to the claims that people just wanted content for free, people were spending more on entertainment. All in all, the data showed a much more positive picture than some have been spinning. That said, it did also highlight many of the challenges that content creators faced, with two key ones being important: the massive growth in content meant much more competition for consumers' dollars, while the changing technology and services landscape meant that the specific road map was a lot less clear.

This year, we're back with our second edition of the report, The Sky is Rising Two, once again, kindly sponsored by CCIA. This time around, we focused much more specifically on a few key countries in Europe: Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Russia and Spain. After the first report, we received some very reasonable questions about whether or not the global data reflected the situation across every country, or if one or two places (such as the US) might dominate and distort the picture in other countries. We chose to look at six of the larger economies in Europe individually, to see what we might find, and that's the focus of the second report. Once again, we've got a nice infographic that summarizes many of the findings:
What we found this time was that, as expected, there are some big differences within different countries -- with some doing better in certain areas, and some struggling in other areas. But, on the whole, the general picture was the same. The various industries were growing. The amount of content being created was growing. The number of new services enabling new business models and new ways to distribute content were growing massively. It's an exciting time, and the key point is, once again, that there is no "conflict" between tech and content. Rather the two work hand in hand together quite well, with new services enabling all sorts of growth opportunities for artists.

Of course, the same caveats that we saw last year still apply. There is more competition, and the path to success may be less clear. So for individual creators, it may seem like a much greater struggle -- though their overall slate of opportunities continues to increase. Similarly, with new services and new opportunities, there remain challenges for the legacy players (especially if they had gatekeeper roles) to remain relevant. Please check out the full report below:
Also, since the report covered countries where English was not the primary language, we also had the report translated into German, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian. You can find each of those versions at the bottom of the Sky is Rising 2 page.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 24 Jan 2013 @ 11:07am

    Re: Re: Re: t.shtml

    That is the article you and yours refer to when saying mike is a "paid shill". READ THE FUCKING ARTICLE YOU FUCKING IDIOT!

    But knowing how hard that might be for you to do, here's an excerpt that I'm sure you glanced at and now use as (faulty/dud) ammunition in your vendetta against Mike:

    "So, there's been this slightly weird tangent in the Oracle/Google patent & copyright dispute, in which Judge Alsup -- for reasons that are still not clear to anyone -- ordered both companies to disclose the names of any "authors, journalists, commentators or bloggers who have and/or may publish comments on the issues in [the] case." Both sides made filings last week, with Oracle disclosing -- as was already public -- that it had blogger Florian Mueller on staff as a consultant, and mentioning an Oracle employee who blogged about the case. Google, on the other hand, told the court that it hadn't paid anyone to comment on the case at all, but did mention that in the course of its regular activities, it does give money to various companies, some of whom may have had employees who commented on the story. Judge Alsup came back earlier this week and told Google it didn't try hard enough and to find some names to name.

    Earlier today, Google did its filing and apparently found some names... including mine! Yes, I know that we've had some haters declaring for years that I'm a Google shill, so this must be the confirmation of all their conspiracy theories, rumors and attacks, right? Well, no. I'm named in the section about CCIA -- the Computer and Communications Industry Association. Why? Because CCIA sponsored some research that we did. Here's what the filing states:

    The CCIA has commissioned studies by Mike Masnick, CEO of Floor64.

    See Mr. Masnick has commented on the case on the TechDirt website and on his personal account. See Ex. X (available at google-oracle-case.shtml and at did-not-infringe-on-oracle-patents)."

    Now to summarize, for those in the class that are obviously slower than others, it quite clearly states the judge in the case asked for a list of people who may write something about the case. Oracle listed one person they specifically paid as a consultant. Google listed no one, because there was no one. The judge said to try harder in finding some names. To satisfy the judge Google literally threw together a list of names of anyone and everyone who may have written about the case and who they in some small, way, shape or form may have "paid" to do so. Mike was listed. Why? Because Google as a member of CCIA sponsored a study written by Mike, namely the original "Sky Is Rising" report.

    So yeah, not a paid shill and you're still an idiot. Actually, you're a bigger one for still bringing that up as proof that he's a Google shill. 9 months later and you still can't read the fucking article or develop even a tiny amount of reading comprehension. There are some people who are literally to stupid to live and the world wouldn't miss much if they dropped off the face of the earth this moment. You are one of those people.

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