Anti-Piracy Group Already Demanding That Kim Dotcom's New Mega Service Be Shut Down

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This probably isn't a huge surprise, but with the launch of Kim Dotcom's new Mega cloud drive system, many in the entertainment industry have assumed that he must be relaunching Megaupload and a way to infringe. However, it seems pretty clear that Mega is quite different and mostly resembles other well known legitimate services, like Google Drive, Dropbox and Amazon's cloud offerings. Still that hasn't stopped some in the "anti-piracy" community from trying to shut down the site already:

Robert King is the lead figure behind StopFileLockers (SFL), an anti-piracy group dedicated to bringing file-hosting services to their knees by strangling their finances. Last year King claimed his group had a hand in disrupting the cash flow to hundreds of sites and actually shutting down dozens more. Now he has a very big scalp on his mind.

King, an Australian and adult industry player, says that StopFileLockers have just begun a “campaign to have the payment processing of all Mega resellers terminated.”

Apparently waiting for actual evidence of infringement, or even specific liability for Mega, is too much to ask. This is silly. While we may have doubts about how Mega is running, shutting it down without even understanding what it's about seems incredibly short-sighted. Plenty of successful legitimate companies have been built out of those who were earlier sued for "infringement." Isn't it worth at least making sure he's breaking the law before insisting he must have done so?

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    G Thompson (profile), 24 Jan 2013 @ 5:57am

    This is actually my comment placed on Mr Kings site a few days ago, that only now got through the moderation process on there. I think it speaks about what I personally and professional think about Mr King's allegations, hearsay, and intent to damage Mega

    It was in response to the Editors (King???) comment stating "There have been uploads to Mega and files from Mega are being shared on piracy sites including warez and cracking sites" on an article that paints an Australian company [Instra Corporation Pty Ltd] as being a part of unlawful and illegal activities that Mega is supposedly authorising.
    G Thompson January 22, 2013 at 4:21 pm
    I hope youíre prepared for a whole lot of actions against yourselves under both Australian and NZ tort laws. Especially telling would be a tortuous Interference class action by all customers of Visa and/or MasterCard within Australia (and NZ though that would be a separate jurisdictional claim) both with the card providers as vicariously liable joined parties to yourselves as the main respondents for initiating such interference with no lawful authority.

    As for the allegation that uploads are being shared on so called warez and cracking sites that is for a court to decide and action can only be initiated by authorised representative agents of the copyright holders and not yourselves. And for suggesting that there has been some unproven, based on your allegations, impropriety with the intent to cause harm to MEGAís business can lead you into the area of Australiaís and NZ defamation laws [ask your solicitors about Gutnick ] with no ability to hide under the USís first amendment protection.

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