Anti-Piracy Group Already Demanding That Kim Dotcom's New Mega Service Be Shut Down

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This probably isn't a huge surprise, but with the launch of Kim Dotcom's new Mega cloud drive system, many in the entertainment industry have assumed that he must be relaunching Megaupload and a way to infringe. However, it seems pretty clear that Mega is quite different and mostly resembles other well known legitimate services, like Google Drive, Dropbox and Amazon's cloud offerings. Still that hasn't stopped some in the "anti-piracy" community from trying to shut down the site already:

Robert King is the lead figure behind StopFileLockers (SFL), an anti-piracy group dedicated to bringing file-hosting services to their knees by strangling their finances. Last year King claimed his group had a hand in disrupting the cash flow to hundreds of sites and actually shutting down dozens more. Now he has a very big scalp on his mind.

King, an Australian and adult industry player, says that StopFileLockers have just begun a “campaign to have the payment processing of all Mega resellers terminated.”

Apparently waiting for actual evidence of infringement, or even specific liability for Mega, is too much to ask. This is silly. While we may have doubts about how Mega is running, shutting it down without even understanding what it's about seems incredibly short-sighted. Plenty of successful legitimate companies have been built out of those who were earlier sued for "infringement." Isn't it worth at least making sure he's breaking the law before insisting he must have done so?

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    That Anonymous Coward (profile), 24 Jan 2013 @ 8:24pm

    Well its trendy in porn right now to blame everything but ones own short sightedness for falling revenue.

    Porn used to push tech forward, VHS did not get market penetration (heh) simply because you could get Disney tapes. Now you could order discrete plain packages and not have to go to the video booths or porn film houses.
    The problem is they sat back on their laurels and got fat.
    The internet showed up and they assumed they could charge the same for a stream of half the running time of a tape.

    Some nice lawyers explained to them it was because filesharers were robbing them blind and tubesites were stealing their money. Not that they had priced themselves out of the market, many of them were using ancient DRM tech that would not work for many possible customers, and that they were churning out cookie cutter films.

    Amateurs scare the hell out of them, the average cell phone shoots with almost as much quality as what they were using. Amateurs are making money on the tubesites offering previews and low cost full length features. They can whip up a video in a day meeting any demand a consumer has if the price is right.

    This is more of 'the internet owes us money because we refuse to adapt' that we've seen from the music industry, the movie industry, the book industry... with that many examples of your doing it wrong I am confused why they can't figure out they are doing more harm than good to themselves.

    I look forward to someone making an iPorn service, ala itunes. Where people can input the stars they like and buy the clips they want for a buck or 2. No 100 hoops, no special drm only works on windows vista player... Who ever builds that site is going to be rich... its a shame none of the players in the industry want to bother. Instead they think they can litigate or force the problem out of business.

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