by Mike Masnick

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Global Hackathons Prepared To Carry Forward The Work Of Aaron Swartz

from the keep-it-up dept

One of the key points we've tried to raise over and over again in the wake of Aaron Swartz's death is that it's important for people to carry on his work. We've seen it in a few places already -- such as with academics freeing up their own work -- but there's much more to be done. That's why it's interesting to see plans around the globe for hackathons in Swartz's memory. Who knows what will come out of those hackathons, but seeing more people working on technical solutions for better sharing information and knowledge seems like it can only be a good thing.

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    Anonymous Coward, 23 Jan 2013 @ 7:46pm

    Re: Re:

    My beliefs are clear and clearly stated: I want to explore these things with data, which means *testing* different systems, which we have not yet been able to do. I can't answer if there should be copyright or not, because WE DON'T KNOW if no copyright system would be better than a minimal system. I do think -- and have clearly stated for years -- that a much more minimal system would be better than what we have now. It's possible that no copyright would work better, but no one has enough data to prove that yet.

    What hogwash. 220 years of copyright data in this country, and you claim to not have enough data. And now you're saying that we would have to have a no-copyright system before you could say. How convenient. That means you will never, ever say whether you think there should or shouldn't be any copyright. The man who has made it his life's work to shit on everyone else's view of copyright refuses to discuss his own views. Shocker.

    And it's bullshit. Everyone is free to not use copyright if they don't want to, and lots of people chose not to. So you have people using it and people not using it. I won't bother to get into the details of what this supposed data you think you need exactly is because I know you'll just hem and haw and give more and more excuses. That's all you ever have. Excuses. You just throw out excuse after excuse, but you're too much of a coward to ever just have a *real* conversation on the merits. You run away and dodge talking directly EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    You don't want to take a position on this like you won't take a position on dozens of other questions I could ask you about. You just want to sit on the fence and complain about everyone else. You're too scared and dishonest to actually tell us what you believe. You just want to shit on everybody else while being too scared to answer even the most simple question about your own beliefs.

    It's a total, 100% bullshit cop-out and you know it. You're a complete and total fake and you know it. You're a coward.

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