Hollywood Studio IP Addresses Sharing Hollywood Movies Via BitTorrent

from the well-look-at-that... dept

The folks over at TorrentFreak teamed up with BitTorrent monitoring firm Scaneye to look and see if files being shared via BitTorrent happened to be coming from some IP addresses held by the big Hollywood studios... and they found what appears to be tons of Hollywood flicks shared from Hollywood studio IP addresses. Of course, plenty of caveats apply: it's possible that these are super ham-fisted honeypots for copyright trolling, in which they're recording the IP addresses of downloaders. It's possible that the system is wrong. It's possible that the IP address information is wrong. But... it's also possible that some employees at these studios are (whether on purpose or not) using BitTorrent and sharing films -- sometimes films from other studios. For example, they found a Paramount Pictures IP address sharing Happy Feet, which is a Warner Bros. film.
In the end, there could be any number of reasons they were able to find these results, but given that when the shoe is on the other foot, the studios and other copyright holders seem to insist that a single IP address is proof positive of liability, doesn't it seem reasonable to question the studios about this bit of evidence as well?

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    Tex Arcana (profile), 27 Dec 2012 @ 7:24pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

    You and out_of_the_blue: industry shills. Probably the same "person", probably some junior lawyer looking for some asslicking opportunities to move up; and therefore trying to collect "evidence" against us "pirates" for our "illegal downloading". :rolleyes:

    Well, if yer such a hotshot "legal eagle", bring your ber h4x0r1n6 skilz to the table and out us for what we are: a bunch of "freeloading pirate criminals that should be locked up and beaten daily for daring to think we actually have RIGHTS!!"

    Bring it, bitch. We're waiting... And we will make you scream like the little bitch you are when you do.

    Fucking moron. Die in a fire.

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