Apple's Blocks Popular Kickstarter Project [Updated]

from the unfortunate dept

Update: And... after a bunch of negative publicity, Apple has reversed course and lifted the ban. Original article below...

A bunch of folks have been submitting this story about Apple refusing to allow a company, Edison Junior, to offer its Lightning connector as part of its POP portable power station, which had run a very successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year.
Edison Junior is returning everyone's money -- even covering credit card fees and Kickstarter's fees (though it's asking Kickstarter to give that back as well), but is reasonably angry. According to VentureBeat:
“We are pissed,” Edison Junior CEO Jamie Siminoff told me on the phone today. “I think they are being a bunch of assholes, and I think they’re hurting their customers.”
Understandable. The company plans to still build versions of the device that focus on the Android market, and which might possibly work with Apple products if people use adapters, but it's certainly not ideal.

The whole thing, of course, is silly, but representative of the unfortunate world we live in today where companies lock up their products. In the past, building alternate versions or compatible accessories, and reverse engineering parts, was generally considered part of how an ecosystem was built up around your market. But Apple's infatuation with over-controlling its market only serves to piss off Apple customers who want a solution like this. Unfortunately, due to the nature of using security chips and claiming patents on everything, rather than just being a simple reverse engineering challenge, Apple is effectively able to use patent and copyright laws to block any such innovation.

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    Wally (profile), 22 Dec 2012 @ 1:11pm

    Re: Re:

    You and I are in the same boat on this PaulT. I mean they scoff at any constructive criticism about Android. They automatically assume a person is a fanboy for preferring to use an iDevice over and Android...even if the iDevice suits the person's needs or disabilities better than Android could.

    Oh and God forbid you criticize any flaws an Android device has. You get yelled at in derp about how Apple holds a monopoly, or that you own stock in Apple, or my personal much Apple sucks because "they just do".

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