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Anti-Piracy Company Seeks Patent On Automated Copyright Trolling

from the copyrights-and-patents-together dept

Via TorrentFreak we learn of a patent application from Robert Steele, of Digital Rights Corp., seeking to patent a system to basically automate copyright trolling. It's an application that was just published, so it's really meaningless. Who knows if the USPTO will approve it, but the patent is pretty simple. Here's the key claim:
A system for resolving an act of copyright infringement, comprising: an infringement module configured to identify an infringing computer, wherein the infringing computer includes a computer associated with an infringement event; an identification module configured to identify an ISP associated with the infringing computer; a notification module configured to notify the ISP that the infringing computer is associated with the infringement event; a receiving module configured to receive a redirected request for access to Internet content, wherein the request for Internet content has been redirected by the ISP; and a generation module configured to generate a redirect webpage, wherein the redirect webpage includes a link associated with a settlement webpage that includes a settlement offer to resolve the infringement event.
This seems ridiculously broad, as do so many software-focused patents these days. Of course, if the patent did get awarded, it would be interesting to see what happened next. Would copyright maximalist copyright trolls start complaining about too much enforcement on the patent side?

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  1. identicon
    NA Protector, 20 Dec 2012 @ 9:40am

    Virus Patent

    There is still a virus scam that locks up a computer, accesses the web cam if the computer has one, and puts instructions on the screen that reads the FBI has detected that this computer has been used for 'copyright infringement' and to unlock it, you must pay X amount of dollars to unlock it.

    This patent would be just a legalized version of this scam, and would make it difficult verify the difference between the " REAL " versions from the fake.

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