The Pirate Bay's Perfectly Legal 'The Promo Bay' Blocked By UK ISPs

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Last week Techdirt wrote about the perverse attitude of the UK recording industry, which seems obsessed with "stamping out piracy" rather than making more money. Here's a story from TorrentFreak that looks to be another example of attacking first and thinking afterwards:

Several UK Internet providers are blocking Pirate Bay's perfectly legal promotion platform for independent artists. The Promo Bay website is currently being blocked by BT, Virgin Media, BE and possibly several other providers. A plausible explanation is that the Promo Bay domain is listed on the same blocklist that's used to enforce the Pirate Bay blockade. However. the domain itself has never linked to infringing material, nor is it hosted on The Pirate Bay's servers.
As that explains, The Promo Bay, which we wrote about back in January, is not offering any unauthorized copies of music, and is hosted independently from The Pirate Bay. So either it's been blocked because its association with The Pirate Bay is enough to goad the UK recording industry into unthinking action, or else it's happened by mistake.

Either way, the fact that a perfectly legal service offering perfectly legal material has been rendered inaccessible without warning and for no discernible reason is a reminder that site blocking is a really poor way to tackle unauthorized downloads, with the likelihood of collateral damage. Far better to offer good legal alternatives - like The Promo Bay.

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    bob, 3 Dec 2012 @ 12:11pm

    How is this handled for everyone else?

    Let's say you're not in the Internet business and so you don't have a group of apologists ready to twist everything into some terrible infringement of your rights or the first amendment or whatever. How do you handle situations like this?

    Let's imagine that you set up a legit business in the front hall of a brothel, a crackhouse or an illegal casino. The cops bust down the door and haul everyone down to the stationhouse. Does anyone care about just how legit your business happens to be? NO! You'll be lucky not to go to jail along with the illegit owners. You lie down with dogs, you get fleas.

    But on the Internet, Big Piracy, Big Search and Big Hardware love to support organizations like Pirate Bay and so they support apologists like this who continue to come up with sophistic schemes to try to pretend that someone is somehow being censored or having their civil rights violated. Wrong.

    If they really have a legit business, they can call up a legit server rental firm and be back online in an hour. But that's not the game here. It's all about muddying the water and doing anything to avoid ever giving any money to the artists, writers, musicians, actors, directors, film makers or anyone else. Because any dollar that goes to them can't go to Big Search, Big Piracy or Big Hardware.

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