HTC And Apple Settle Patent Dispute; Perhaps Tim Cook Realizes Patent Fights Are A Waste

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While the Apple patent disputes with Samsung and Motorola seem to get most of the publicity, Apple's first patent lawsuit against an Android phonemaker was against HTC, who quickly sued back. However, over the weekend, the two companies announced a settlement in which they're cross-licensing all of their patents to each other for a period of ten years. While the full details are secret, all of the indications are that HTC is paying Apple, but not a huge amount. HTC has said that it won't have "an adverse material impact" on its financials. While HTC remains a smaller player than Samsung, one hopes that this is actually a sign that Tim Cook has realized that Steve Jobs' infatuation with killing Android in court is not a productive strategy. This, of course, won't end many of the other patent fights around smartphones, but hopefully it shows that Apple has become less ridiculously "religious" about fighting in court, rather than focusing on the marketplace.

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  1. icon
    balaknair (profile), 12 Nov 2012 @ 2:14pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: In other news

    What does the 5 feet distance have to do with anything? Or do you mean to say you determined that the S III was identical to the iPhone 5 from five feet away?

    And actually, yes I can make out that a ~124 x 59 mm object is smaller than a ~136 x 70mm, even at five feet. And I can see that a flattened trapezoid button does not look like a circle with a square symbol on it. And I can definitely spot the difference between a 100 mm screen and a 120 mm screen from 5 feet away.

    Seriously, go take a look at an actual S III or at least a picture of it on google image search or something before typing such utter BS.

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