UK Newspaper Licencing Agency Says Musicians Need To Pay To Quote Reviews

from the live-by-copyright,-die-by-copyright dept

I wonder how copyright maximalist musicians feel about this particular story. Techdirt reader glassneedles alerts us to an offline (!?!) news article in the publication Private Eye, about how the UK's Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA) has declared that musicians who quote positive reviews from newspapers need to pay £1,250 per year (which would allow them to quote up to 50 reviews). Seriously. Apparently, the NLA went around to various music agents and managers a while ago, and they (quite reasonably) ignored the threats. That just made the NLA mad.
... the phoney war has turned into a real one, with the NLA chasing agents, threatening legal action and demanding not just license payments for future quotes but also retrospective payments for past ones.

The amounts are crazily excessive for the modest, shoestring operations that most classical music management and PR companies tend to be, with £7,000-£8,000 a typical demand.
For folks who help market a number of musicians, the NLA claims are apparently adding up to being fairly serious.
The most outrageous example... concerns a small PR company called ElevenTenths, which is effectively one woman, Claire Willis, working form a spare bedroom.... Poor Ms. Willis was collared by the NLA a few months ago, required to fill in forms about her clients and activities, and then received a bill for £23,500.
Willis complained and apparently the NLA "backed down" and offered a deal for "only" £1,588.45. In the past, we had written about the NLA winning a lawsuit against news aggregators, so perhaps it's now turned to those who quote its reviews as a new, highly questionable, revenue stream.

I wonder if folks in the UK are regretting the decision, in the Hargreaves report, that the UK doesn't need an explicit fair use rule.

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  1. icon
    art guerrilla (profile), 13 Nov 2012 @ 9:36am

    Re: Re: Three things needed here...

    1. don't think it is a crime against humanity either way: either a satirical story was mistaken for true-true (yes, i just saw the big mess that is 'cloud atlas'); or a true-true story was tagged mistakenly as satirical...

    2. here's the thing: with the -literally- unbelievable lengths the MAFIAA and their foreign counterparts engage in to squeeze pennies out of widows, orphans, and the blind for activities that 99.99999999999999999% of us think are acceptable, it is EASY to believe ANY crazy, impractical, unjust extreme bullshit that we hear about is true-true...

    in other words, it is IMPOSSIBLE to exaggerate, make up ANY extreme scenario, or go so far beyond the pale to satirize copyright maximalists; because NO MATTER HOW EXTREME and ridiculous a scenario is, they have already gotten laws to that effect, or would if they could...

    IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to make any hyperbolic statements regarding their draconian 'enforcement' of so-called IP laws, because next week you will be reading that is EXACTLY what they did or are trying to do...

    art guerrilla
    aka ann archy

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