by Andrew F

AndrewF's Favorite Techdirt Posts Of The Week

from the the-legend-continues dept

Previously, on Techdirt ...

  • The New York Times reveals that Apple's mass patent frenzy began shortly after being sued for patent infringement itself. This confirms my longstanding suspicion that patent plaintiffs are like vampires. Upon being bit by one, there's a good chance you'll turn into an undead shell of your former self.
  • Cisco, Motorola, and Netgear team up to fend off a patent troll suing over expired WiFi patents. It's like the Avengers! Sans helicarrier. Because it's patented. And horribly impractical.
  • DHS makes up a report about Russian hax0rz and claims it's a success. So you can make shit up and still be successful? That bodes well for me, because I'd like to be a lawyer. Or Tom Clancy.
  • I learned that making the bottom of a font "heavier" makes it easier for dyslexics to read. There's also something about competition and bogus lawsuits, but seriously, there's a special dyslexics font? That's awesome.
  • A court rules that digitizing your library is fair use. It's about fracking time.

Will the Avengers save Russian children from a life without Wi-Fi? Will Kevin Butler admit that he's actually pretty excited about Halo 4? Will Dark Helmet feed his Charizard baby panda solely to spite PETA? Find out next week on another exciting post of ... Techdirt: The Legend Continues.

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